20 weeks of premier Biblical Training in Windsor, CO (12 weeks on campus, 8 weeks at home)

JUNE 3 - AUGUST 27, 2017




We have an amazing campus, world-class training staff, and a whole lot of passion for Jesus Christ –

So what are we going to do with all of that?

Join us May 6th, 2017 for a free simulcast to hear how we are taking our strength and success in
discipling, and leveraging it in a virtual world – and how you can be a part of it!

And be the first to know the details about the simulcast as it gets closer to May 6th.



    Ellerslie doesn’t just herald the Truth and cast vision for what Jesus has called us to in Him, but it offers the biblical mandate and methods on how to practically become what He has promised in His Word. … I will forever be indebted with gratitude to the Lord for what my family has gleaned here.

    Steve Rosen | Colorado


    Ellerslie is for anyone in any walk of life, newly converted or seasoned, who wants to know Christ at a more intimate level.

    Kyle Sprenger | living in South Asia


    Ellerslie is a place to come if you are serious about pursuing Jesus Christ and desire to know Him more. Jesus can draw you closer to Himself anywhere, but Ellerslie has been a really helpful tool for me and a place where He has done that. The staff are humble and unpretentious, truly living what they teach.

    Kristin Youngblood | Texas


    My family spent 4 months at Ellerslie and absolutely loved our time in the Ellerslie community. We were all challenged to grow deeper in the Lord and to live lives totally sold out to Him. … we would HIGHLY recommend anyone who is hungry for more of the Lord to attend a semester at Ellerslie.

    David Brenneman | Virginia


    I found the discipleship training, preaching, and atmosphere to be foundational to my further ministry endeavors. … I would definitely recommend Ellerslie to anyone who is serious about their relationship with Jesus Christ, and wants to live a victorious Christian life.

    Roy Packer | Australia


    This has been one of the most challenging things I have ever done, but by far the most rewarding. It is not easy to truly die to self, but how God builds us back up in His ways are simply amazing. Ellerslie has given me the foundation of faith and truth I came in looking for and so much more. They provide space to truly dig into Christ and learn to lean on Him through all situations.

    Katherine Peters | Arizona


    I would highly recommend this Bible training for anyone who wants to go deeper, learn more of the love, victory, dependency, and obsession with Jesus! The staff are committed, Godly teachers and the campus is wonderful. If you are looking for a "set-apart" time to immerse yourself in Jesus—this is it!! Even for those of us that are a little older! The Word (Scripture) is what is taught here. … Truth is proclaimed. Specificity I became more confident in what it means to live "In Christ.”

    Cheryl Kaufman | Ohio


    I'm so thankful for the work going on at Ellerslie. The environment is wonderfully focused on the Gospel and places the Word of God, Jesus Christ, in His rightful place of authority. With the Bible serving as the foundation, everything else is geared toward fostering a deeper intimacy with Jesus through prayer, study, teaching and practical engagements with the local community. And a handful of exciting activities and surprises as well!

    Marshall Brendstrup | Canada


    Ellerslie is a place where the opportunity is afforded for you to go whole-heartedly after Jesus Christ without distraction, without the constant pressures of a typical life, and a place where for you to be built up, firmly rooted and grounded in your faith. … They are seeking to see Believers of Christ discipled, made strong, and sent forth with the triumphant and life-bringing message of the costly Gospel! My life was forever changed while I was at Ellerslie.

    Laney Mills | Virginia