Q: How do I apply for an Ellerslie Leadership Training program?

A: Please visit our application page for details about how to apply for an upcoming session. We’ve worked hard to make the application process as streamlined and stress-free as possible. There is a simple application form that you can either fill out and submit online or mail in. A $50 registration fee is required for your application to be processed. You will be contacted within 3 business days to confirm receipt of your application and receive further registration and payment information.

Q: What is the criteria for being accepted into the training?

A: While we do not have stringent criteria for being accepted into a semester training, we do want to make sure that students who attend Ellerslie training are of sound moral character, serious about going deeper with Christ, and eager to grow in their spiritual walk. Your completed application form will help us get a basic understanding of who you are and why you would like to be a part of this training program - and will help us determine whether you are a good fit for the Ellerslie environment, and whether we are a good fit for you! Once our staff receives your application it will be prayerfully evaluated, and you will know within 3 business days if you have been accepted into the training program.

Q: What is the cost of the Ellerslie Leadership Training program?

On-Campus Option: $3,850 (incl. meals and lodging)

On-Campus (with family member) Option: $3,650/person (incl. meals and lodging)

Off-Campus Option: $2,000 (incl. lunch M-F)

Off-Campus (with spouse/family member) Option: $1,800/person (incl. lunch M-F)

Please visit our payment schedule page for more details.

Q: How many spots are available in the training program?

A: Approximately 50 on-campus spots are available in each Ellerslie Leadership training program, with some additional spots available for students living off-campus. We keep our training programs focused and intimate so that we can truly invest personally into the life of each person who attends.

Q: What if I am interested in staying at Ellerslie for more than one semester?

A: We offer several year-long tracks of study through our Ellerslie Advanced Training program. Please visit our EALT page for further details.

Q: What if the program is already full by the time I apply?

A: Because space is limited, our programs fill quickly. If the session you apply for is filled by the time we receive your application, your registration fee can either be refunded or applied toward a future program. And if you wish, we can either put you on a waiting list for the program you applied for, and/or put you in line to be considered first for our next available session.

Q: What age are your training programs geared for?

A: The Ellerslie training is designed for anyone who is serious about going deeper with Christ, and there is no age maximum. Though the material is geared for college-age and older, in certain situations students as young as 16 will be accepted. The majority of the attendees are college-age through late twenties, though we do have married couples and older adults in our training programs - so please feel free to consider Ellerslie Training no matter what your age or situation in life.

Q: Do you offer scholarships?

A: Not currently. We recently took our scholarship program in its entirety and used it to lower our entire base tuition cost, in order that every student could receive the benefit from it. We fully expect to build our scholarship program strong over the next couple years in order to help assist students that would not otherwise be able to attend our program. However, if you do have unique financial constraints, please let our office know at the time of your application. If scholarship money does increase within our budget, then we would very much like to enable the students who are experiencing major financial obstacles to enjoy it’s benefit.

Q: If I’m local or visiting Colorado, can I audit specific sessions in the Ellerslie training?

A: Yes. Please contact Sandi to set up your visit - [email protected]. Note: a fee may apply for food, materials, and/or overnight lodging.

Q: Can international students attend the training?

A: Absolutely. Please note that Ellerslie is not I-120 rated with the government, so international students should travel under a tourist visa rather than a student visa.

Q: What are the dorm/living accommodations?

A: The Ellerslie campus has comfortable, modern dorm suites with two beds, two desks, closet/shelf space and a private bathroom per every 2 dorm rooms. Students should expect to have a roommate, and bathroom facilities are shared by 2 to 4 students. All full-time students will be expected to bring their own bedding (twin extra long), pillows, and towels. For some more details about our campus, click here.

Q: What would a sample day in the life of an Ellerslie student look like?

A: Please see our “Daily Life at Ellerslie” page for a detailed description of our daily flow.

Q: I am unsure if the Ellerslie Leadership Training program is a good fit for me. Would attending a weekend discipleship conference be the right place to start?

A: Yes. Attending one of our Weekend Discipleship Conferences is an excellent way to get a “taste of Ellerslie training.” The Weekend Conferences are not nearly as comprehensive as the semester-long intensive training, but they are very impacting, powerful, and life-changing for all who attend. It will acquaint you with some of our most poignant material, and even if you never attend the training, it can have a great impact upon your spiritual walk. For more information or to register, click here.

Q: What age are the Weekend Discipleship Conferences geared for?

A: Just like our semester-long intensive trainings, our discipleship conferences are open to anyone who is eager to go deeper in their relationship with Christ. Typically, we have a wide variety of ages at our conferences - from late teens to older adults. If you are younger than college-age and want to attend a conference, please keep in mind that the content is deep and there is a lot of material packed into the weekend, so a certain level of academic and spiritual maturity is needed. For more information about our weekend conferences, click here.

Q: What is Ellerslie’s organizational structure and accountability system?

A: Ellerslie Training is an extension of the Ellerslie Mission Society. EMS is a 501(c)3 organization that is governed by a voting board of directors, with an additional group of outside advisors offering consistent input. EMS provides an authority structure, accountability system and approval process for all that takes place through Ellerslie Training. The EMS board of directors and advisory council includes pastors, lay-leaders and Christian professionals from varying denominational backgrounds.

Q: Does Ellerslie have a statement of belief?

A: Yes. Please visit our Statement of Belief page if you would like to read our statement of faith.