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Eric Ludy - May 7, 2017
Many Christians shy away from the idea of battle—but the New Testament is clear: we are living in the midst of war. As such, we must be built for battle and ready to not just survive but thrive amidst danger. What does that look like? In this sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy discusses the life of a happy soldier and 22 words every Christian soldier must know. Though this sermon is humorous at times, it strikes conviction at the heart of every believer who wants to aggressively follow after Christ.
Eric Ludy - April 30, 2017
The topic of modern apostleship is becoming an issue of great contention in the Church today. Yet to either ignore or over-emphasize the topic can cause us to stray into concerning areas of doctrine. In this illuminating sermon on the issue of modern-day apostles, Pastor Eric Ludy tackles this challenging issue with grace and biblical insight—showing how we must understand the difference between the first Apostles (capital “A”) and modern-day apostles (lowercase “a”). In the end, you will understand that we need both the pattern passers and the pattern implementers. For anyone concerned with the growing focus of modern-day apostleship, this sermon will help give you a foundational biblical perspective.
Eric Ludy - April 9, 2017
The Church today is often passive in bringing the Gospel to the world—and what we need is a seemingly small but effective means that will deliver a gigantic blow. In short, we need a hobelar—an instrument of war, designed by God, to wholly shock the enemy and swiftly overcome them. Just as lightning is fast, surprising, and delivers a blow, we need a battle plan for “The Lightning War.” In this illuminating (pun intended) sermon, Eric Ludy declares that we are in the middle of a war … what are each of us willing to do?
Eric Ludy - March 26, 2017
Continuing his theme of using events from the Civil War to highlight spiritual truths, Pastor Eric Ludy discusses John Brown and the event of Harper’s Ferry to remind Christians that the flesh (the first) must be dealt with in order for the Spirit (the second) to really work. In this sermon, Eric walks through the New Testament showing that we must put off the old man (our former way of living) and put on the new man “which was created according to God, in true righteousness and holiness.”
Eric Ludy - March 19, 2017
Within the Christian life there is one of two battle fronts that we will find ourselves in—we will either battle for self-preservation (fighting for the enemy against God) or we will battle for self-denial (fighting for God against the enemy). Using the story of Wilmer McLean from the Civil War, Pastor Eric Ludy addresses the topic of having to deliberately choose in the Christian life whom we will serve. The truth is, we will refuse something, the question is what? It is time to make a decision.
Eric Ludy - March 12, 2017
In an updated version of his sermon “The Bowl of Peanuts,” Eric Ludy re-examines King Cotton, the Boll Weevil, and George Washington Carver to talk about Biblically solving impossible dilemmas in the world and our lives. Too often in the church we are confused about works verses faith—but this sermon gives clarity to how the Christian life is to function properly in light of God’s grace working within the believer’s life as we live by the work of faith and not the work of law.
Eric Ludy - March 5, 2017
Eric’s kids recently had the opportunity to experience an “Oatmeal Day” and it created a fun idea for a sermon. An Oatmeal Day is a day set aside to reflect upon the loveliness of the Christ-life—an opportunity, if you will, to cherish the good things in life and be purposeful in thanksgiving. In this sermon on the anatomy of Biblical thanksgiving, Pastor Eric Ludy talks about the two dimensions of true thanksgiving and how both aspects must be demonstrated within the believer’s life. Despite the circumstances you find yourself in, would you be willing to go beyond lifting up a mere “thanks” to God and lift up all He is worthy to receive? For He deserves everything.
Eric Ludy - February 19, 2017
Most Christians recognize the Greek word “koinonia” which means fellowship. Yet this word means far more than potlucks, sitting next to someone in worship, or even praying for one another. In this sermon, Eric Ludy talks about this “sharing of the body” and how it is the extension of all God has shared with us. Not only will you understand the meaning of true koinonia, but you will also discover how important the Body of Christ is and what joy it is to share, to bleed, to suffer on behalf of this Body.
Eric Ludy - February 12, 2017
Too often we forget that in the Christian life suffering is a good thing. We are commanded to rejoice when faced with trials, to have exceeding gladness in the midst of suffering, and to endure tribulation and testings with endless joy. But the question we must ask ourselves is do we actually believe (and live) this? Using the “happy” story of a grape, Pastor Eric Ludy takes us to “Grape School” to discover the hidden secret in the training of a grape. Through these simple yet powerful lessons, you will understand the joy of embracing any hardships and difficulties in your life.
Eric Ludy - February 5, 2017
With the election of Donald Trump and society’s response to his initiatives, our culture’s true colors are being revealed. In this sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy examines the problems with modern culture and warns the Church of a clear and present danger we can easily fall into. In the midst of all the cultural stirrings, we must not allow anything to distract us from the center of our hope and salvation: Jesus Christ. By the end of this message, you will discover what must define the Christian (ie: your life) in 2017 America.
Eric Ludy - January 29, 2017
The Christian life is not some passionless venture, rather, Christianity has a fire of affection for Jesus Christ and a zeal and fervor for truth. Simply, it is a life on fire. In this study on the church of Laodicea, Pastor Eric Ludy looks at Jesus’ statement that this church was neither hot nor cold but lukewarm. Using an incredible (and delightful) story given by Annie Wesche, a member of the church, Eric says that the passion one person can have swimming with dolphins is the same type of passion we are to have for Jesus. This sermon will not only be an encouragement to those who feel lackluster in their faith, but this message will also bring a smile to your face as you consider the enthusiasm of swimming with dolphins and in turn, measure your own heat index for Jesus Christ.
Eric Ludy - December 29, 2016
In ancient Israel, during times of rebellion, the people set up high places as an alternative worship and to seek help and salvation in someone or something other than God Himself. Why would anyone ever build a high place? It is because they believed the lie that salvation is found in more than One Place—and in today’s culture we often do the same thing. High places today may not be altars or poles, but we do often build high places in the health, financial, comfort, intelligence, relational, and religious areas of our lives. In this illuminating and convicting sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy examines the areas we often set up as counterfeit means of salvation and explains that the high place of “self” must be removed so that One Place (Jesus Christ and the Cross) becomes our sole means of salvation.
Eric Ludy - December 4, 2016
One of the paradoxes of Christianity is that the grand and glorious Cross is both a place of life and of death, a place of victory and of suffering. It is this Cross that all history hangs upon—the epicenter of history. In this message, Eric Ludy examines this epicenter and declares that it is Christ and Him crucified that must remain at the center of our lives. The secret to Christianity, to understanding the Scriptures, and to living a victorious Christian life all comes down to a focus of the simplicity that is in Christ (2 Corinthians 11:3). This sermon is a study in the single most important thing of all time—Jesus Himself.
Eric Ludy - November 20, 2016
The topic of headship—whether it be in the church, a business, a marriage, or the family—is a challenging issue to address. Though the modern culture often balks at the concept of submission, headship is nonetheless a biblical concept that must be understood. With a pastoral heart, Eric Ludy uses the imagery of a shepherd and a loving father to reveal the importance of submitting to authority as well as how to lead if you are in a headship position. Whichever side you find yourself on, this sermon will encourage you to foremost keep Jesus Christ in the “head position” of your life and will help you handle the topic of headship with biblical grace and understanding.
Eric Ludy - November 13, 2016
Coming off the heels of the presidential election in America, Pastor Eric Ludy examines the historic election—not of presidential canadites but one of the most divisive chapters in Scripture: Romans nine. With candid insight, Pastor Ludy tackles this challenging chapter and explains how God’s election in Scripture is centered upon one crucial subject—and if we get this wrong, we will misinterpret the entire passage. Using Paul’s reasoning and context throughout Romans 3-8, Pastor Ludy explains how we must approach and understand Romans 9. Wherever you side doctrinally, this study in Romans nine, will challenge and encourage you to keep your focus on what’s most important.
Eric Ludy - November 6, 2016
Does God really say “No”? Scripture tells us that whatever we ask in His Name, He will do; and as a result, many of us presume that we serve a “yes God” who always responds in the affirmative. Yet a “no” from God is actually an expression of love, respect, and priority. If you’ve ever struggled with receiving a “no” from God or presume He only answers with “yes,” this sermon by Pastor Eric Ludy will reveal God’s character, nature, and intent in answering prayer while reminding you that a “no” from God is just His way of saying “yes” to something exceedingly abundantly beyond all you could ask or think.
Eric Ludy - October 23, 2016
In this fascinating study of cherubim in Scripture, Pastor Eric Ludy introduces us to the intense focus and purpose of these heavenly creatures and shows how we too are to be the single-focused carrying device for the glory of God. Using the first few chapters in the book of Ezekiel, this sermon will cast vision for your life as well as challenge you to respond and obey the New Testament call of God upon your life.
Eric Ludy - October 16, 2016
How does the Christian life work and what is the Biblical secret to action? In this sermon, Eric Ludy examines the reality that Christians are called to action—to do something. But more than give an encouragement toward activity, Pastor Ludy reveals the great secret to Christian action and shows how it is the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives that makes Christianity actually work.
Eric Ludy - October 2, 2016
Christianity is not drab, dry, or dusty. In reality, Scripture tells us that Christians are to be incorrigibly cheerful and have a merry heart that does good like medicine and which gives a continual feast. Psalm 2 even declares that though the nations rage and come against God, He even sits in heaven and laughs. Isaiah writes that because God has clothed him with salvation and righteousness, he will greatly rejoice in the Lord and his soul shall be joyful in his God. Christians are to be full of joy and cheer. In this humorous and edifying sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy talks about the power of “being ticklish” and having holy laughter no matter the circumstance or situation you find yourself in.
Eric Ludy - September 25, 2016
Most of us realize that we desperately need God’s amazing grace in our lives on a daily basis—yet we often struggle with how to practically allow His grace to transform our lives and empower us for Godly living. In this sermon, Eric Ludy shares a recent personal family story and reveals how the transforming grace of God works. You will be introduced to a humorous band of characters and in the end you will discover that we all need to move from the dark “back porch living” into the bright warm house of God’s amazing, transforming grace.
Eric Ludy - September 18, 2016
Judgment is not a topic we usually enjoy pondering or meditating upon, but it is an important subject to understand as Scripture declares that we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ (Romans 14:10). In this straight-forward but hope-filled message, Pastor Eric Ludy examines the topic of judgment and, using an often overlooked story in the Old Testament, explains why we must be ready for judgment and how to do so. Judgment must begin in the house of God, the question is: is your name found in the Book of Life?
Eric Ludy - September 11, 2016
Pastor Eric Ludy often talks about how your position toward the Word of God determines your response to the Word of God. In this foundational sermon on the authenticity and accuracy of the Bible, Pastor Ludy not only explains how your position determines your response, but he also discusses how to rightly handle Scripture and gives ten incredible proving points of why the Bible is in fact God’s Word. If you’ve ever wondered if the Bible is true and why Christians are called to come under the authority of and obedience to Scripture—or if you’re a believer and want an incredible assurance of why we put our trust in God’s Word—this sermon will put a solid foundation beneath your feet.
Eric Ludy - September 4, 2016
Isaiah wrote that he lived in a time of weak hands and feeble knees, which is also a sad but accurate description of our culture today. What we need is strength to return to the stage of time, for a manly growl to return to the Church in this desperate hour. In this sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy examines the strength of God and what it means for believers to be strong not in ourselves but in the power of the Lord. We are called to be strong in the power of His might—to stand firm in the One who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or think. If you feel weak or are in need of having triumph and victory in your life, then this message is for you.
Eric Ludy - August 14, 2016
In this second sermon by Eric Ludy in a special series from the book of Acts, Pastor Ludy examines persecution and its benefits to the life of the Church and the spread of the Gospel. If you’ve ever wondered how to survive and thrive in the midst of persecution, this sermon will show how what the enemy means for destruction, God leverages to accomplish His ends. By its end, you will understand the importance of joy in the midst of persecution and the thirty defining marks (or attributes) of those amongst the “fellowship of the burning heart.” Don’t run from persecution, rather embrace the great chase.
Eric Ludy - July 17, 2016
Throughout the summer, the Church at Ellerslie went through a special sermon series in the book of Acts preached by various people. In this sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy discusses the important role that signs and wonders played in the early church and their impact upon our lives today. Using the entire Bible as his backdrop, Pastor Ludy shows how God performed signs and wonders throughout the Old Testament, into the New, and all throughout Christian history. He shows that signs and wonders are not a bad thing, but in fact, a God thing—however, the emphasis in scripture is not upon the signs and wonders themselves but upon a second and greater work. If you’ve ever wanted to understand the importance of signs and wonders in the church and your life, this sermon is one you must listen to.
Eric Ludy - June 26, 2016
Many of us gravitate away from conviction in our lives, but often that is because we have conviction and condemnation confused. Holy Spirit conviction is the work of truth in our soul, and as Christians, we should desire its work within us—exposing the wrong in our lives and laboring to help us rectify the problems by setting new patterns and behaviors in place. Though conviction brings a form of pain, it is the pain of a friend desiring to shape and form us into the likeness of Christ Jesus. In this convicting sermon on conviction, Eric Ludy addresses the difference between conviction and condemnation and reveals how embracing Holy Spirit conviction brings hope, joy, and life.
Eric Ludy - June 12, 2016
The epicenter of a man’s life can be prioritized as God, Wife, and Kids—and if a man is great with his God, then he will as a result, be great with his wife and kids. Yet how do we as Christians grow in our intimacy with Jesus Christ? In this sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy explains the five arts of intimacy that keep the spiritual fires burning in our lives and then expands the concept to show how those five arts of intimacy can be applied to our marriages to make them extraordinary. Though originally given as the final session to the Bravehearted Men’s Conference, this powerful sermon gives hope, vision, and practical application to every Christian regardless of age.
Eric Ludy - April 3, 2016
The current culture proclaims “live for today!” yet Scripture declares the opposite and says our priority is eternal: “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Matthew 16:26). We as Christians must be willing to exchange the pursuit of the world for the epic adventure of willingly laying down our lives for the purpose of the King and His Kingdom. You have an invitation to count the cost and enter the cave of suffering—to join His band of mighties, to embrace hardship and difficulty, and experience the privilege of being where He is. You are invited. Are you willing to enter?
Eric Ludy - March 27, 2016
In this Resurrection Sunday sermon, Eric Ludy declares we too are to have a brave calm and a steadfast courage even in the face of death—just like Jesus. The early apostles all died heroic deaths and remained immovable in their focus and faith. As Christians we are called to be defiers of sin, fear, bitterness, and yes, even death. Exploring a story and sign from the Old Testament that Jesus declared was a picture of what He was about to endure upon the cross, this sermon will be an edification to your soul and give you a picture for what death and life is to look like as a Christian.
Eric Ludy - March 20, 2016
We admit the sermon title is a bit awkward, but as Christians, our lives must be marked by love, unity, and affection. In this sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy talks about the essence of brotherly love and how the Body of Christ is to be purposeful in our affection for one another. Not only will you discover how Christ demonstrated such love for us, but Eric gives 12 ways you can practically implement brotherly love for others in your life. Are you ready to become incorrigibly affectionate and known as the guy (or lady) that kisses?
Eric Ludy - March 6, 2016
How do we handle weakness in others? Do we expose it, gossip about it, or as Pastor Eric Ludy suggests, carry a blanket backwards and cover it? It sounds a bit odd, sure, but in this fascinating and convicting message from Genesis 9, Pastor Ludy discusses two options for handling the weaknesses in others. Using a story from Noah’s life, we discover a biblical principle for dealing with weakness, and a profound insight into how Jesus approaches and covers our weaknesses. If you have been struggling with the problems, weaknesses, and frustrations in other people, this is a message you need to hear.
Eric Ludy - February 21, 2016
We believe the Word of God is in fact God’s Word—yet many of us don’t know how Scripture was constructed and put together or why it is important to our lives. We don’t know how to have a rock-solid confidence in the truth and authority of the Bible. We say we believe in Scripture but we don’t lean our full weight and confidence upon it. In this illuminating message, Pastor Eric Ludy walks through how Scripture was constructed, showing the incredible preservation, authority, and divine perfection of the Bible and how it all ultimately points us unto Jesus Christ. Using thirteen key truth points about God’s Word, this message will give you greater confidence in the reliability of Scripture and the reason we as Christians build our lives upon it.
Eric Ludy - February 14, 2016
Does your life demonstrate God’s bewildering love in every circumstance? Our attitude, even in the face of those who persecute, hate, and despise us, is to demonstrate His love. In this sermon, Eric Ludy uses Scripture and several powerful stories from Christian history to show how believers are to “love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you” (Matthew 5:44). Exploring four principles of real Christianity, Pastor Ludy shows that God’s call upon our lives is to aggressively go into all the world with a bewildering love that only He can produce.
Eric Ludy - January 31, 2016
In this simple but illuminating message, Pastor Eric Ludy discusses the key defining attribute at the Church at Ellerslie. This message invites us as Christians to ask ourselves what is the defining characteristic that we want to be known by. Pastor Ludy boldly declares that the defining element is not to appear “cool” or “hip” to the world, but rather to have our focus on one single thing. In so doing we may be called fools, dunces, or nitwits—misunderstood and persecuted in the process—but like Paul, we must determine not to know anything save Jesus Christ and Him crucified. Discover your “one thing” and dare to become a Krissy.
Eric Ludy - January 24, 2016
Paul declares in Ephesians 6 that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world. He also states in 2 Corinthians that the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Yet many of us feel the crushing weight of sin, temptation, and the enemy in our lives. How do we stand strong in the spiritual authority that we have IN Christ? In this sermon on resisting the enemy, Eric Ludy explains the power of Christ in our lives and how IN Him we can be conquerers, immovable, fearless, and unstoppable. It is not in our strength or ability that we are able to overcome but we have all we need for life and godliness in Christ Jesus.
Eric Ludy - January 17, 2016
Most of the modern church has become passive in their praying. We’ve grown accustomed to the enemy’s garbage scattered about our lives and dead elephant carcasses hidden beneath our floorboards—not realizing we are to stand in prayer against such things. Thus we offer a thousand excuses as to why our prayers lack oomph. Yes, prayer is hard work, but Christ has made a way unto the Throne of Grace, where the asking is made and the answers found. In this sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy exhorts us to not to merely “pray” but to PRAY with the authority given to us to remove the busted pianos, rat-infested wardrobes, rotted dressers, and dead elephant carcasses from our lives. If you have grown lax in your prayer life, this sermon will reveal what the action of real praying looks like.
Eric Ludy - December 13, 2015
Since the serpent first spoke in the Garden, the epic battle over Truth has raged. In this postmodern, emergent, fluffy-Christian generation, we have forgotten that Truth is a rock—unchanging and immovable—and the very thing we must build our lives upon. In this “tell all” sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy examines several “Christian” writings from postmodern/emergent leaders and explains how their attack upon Truth has undermined Scripture, the Gospel, and more importantly, Jesus Christ Himself. But rather than a defeatist message, this sermon focuses upon the grandeur of the Word and leaves you in awe of both the Person and the Text.
Eric Ludy - November 29, 2015
Most of us approach life with a carefree attitude. What comes in and out of our lives is not our fault, we tell ourselves. Yet what we discover in Scripture is that as Christians we are called to govern our lives properly—God’s Word calls it “self-control.” In this practical, soul-stirring message, Pastor Eric Ludy demonstrates the “Egkrateian Growl” and reveals the two operations of self-control: kick out and keep out. Throughout this message you’ll discover that self-control is not something you can produce in your own ability, rather it is the grace and power of the Holy Spirit in your life that enables you to live victoriously, triumphant, and yes, self-controlled. If you’re looking for a way out of sin, addiction, wrong attitudes, or want to learn how Christianity is suppose to actually work in your life, this message is for you.
Eric Ludy - November 22, 2015
“Go and make disciples …” These last words of Jesus have been memorized, studied, and declared from most of our lips, yet few of us actually put them into practice. Whatever our excuse, most of us don’t have a simple way to share the truth of the Gospel with the people we encounter. In this powerful and easy to replicate presentation, Eric Ludy takes the Gospel and shows how we too can share its truth through a visual story. Using three different versions based on the length of time we have to share, this practical and visual sermon will give you a method to share the Gospel in a simple and effective way.
Eric Ludy - November 8, 2015
God’s grace is sufficient. We know that. Yet in times of trials, suffering, and difficulty, our understanding and confidence in God’s grace is put to the test. Paul tells us in 2 Corinthians that he was given a thorn in the flesh, which after much pleading for its removal, God told him “My grace us sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Like Paul, we must correctly appropriate “thorns” in our lives—whether they be practical, physical, or verbal—and realize that though thorns are not from God, they are certainly used by Him. In this faith building sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy addresses the many forms of satan’s thorns and how we as Christians are called to Biblically understand, react, and live with the thorns in our lives.
Eric Ludy - October 25, 2015
All throughout the Gospels Jesus tells us to ask and it will be given unto us. Paul writes in 2 Corinthians that all the promises of God in Him are yes and amen. So how are we to Biblically understand and handle the answer when it’s a “no” from God? In this illuminating sermon, Eric Ludy reveals the importance of seeing God as a good and loving Father and explains how a mature believer is to interpret a “no” from God. If you’ve ever struggled with receiving a “no,” this sermon will reveal God’s character, nature, and intent in answering prayer while reminding you that a “no” from God is just His way of saying “yes” to something exceedingly abundantly beyond all you could ask or think.
Eric Ludy - October 18, 2015
Faith is central to the Christian life, and we are called “believers” (people of faith) for a reason—our lives are to be marked by a courageous stand, confidence, and focus upon Jesus Christ and His Word. In this faith-building sermon, Eric Ludy shares why it is essential to doubt and ignore the voice of the enemy (the Liar) and instead have an active faith, trust, and assurance in the unchanging Truth of the Word. When we know the One who has promised, it builds our trust and faith in the Promiser. In the time of testing, when everything around us appears bleak, it is our faith that allows us to boldly declare: “Watch what my God will do!” Listen to this sermon and you will find not only your faith strengthened, but you will discover the key to living the triumphant and victorious Christian life.
Eric Ludy - October 11, 2015
Tongues and prophecy have often caused heated debate within the Church as we seek to properly understand 1 Corinthians 14. Whether you have a strong stance on tongues and prophecy or seeking a Biblical understanding of the topics, this insightful sermon by Pastor Eric Ludy will give you a Biblical framework to reason from. More than prove a point, Pastor Ludy uses the concept that the first sound is to always lead us unto the second, showing how the importance of tongues and prophecy is not to make these the emphasis but they are to point and lead us to Jesus Christ. Wherever you stand on the tongues and prophecy debate, this sermon will deepen your understanding and give you a clear picture of what is most important.
Eric Ludy - October 4, 2015
We often think of integrity as a character trait which emphasizes being honorable, true, and trustworthy. But integrity comes from the concept of having all the parts unified and operating as one—for example our eyes are to be in perfect agreement and unity with our hearts and mind, while our tongues should only speak that which is in perfect concord with our spiritual convictions. We know our lives are to have integrity (a single focus and operation) but is it possible for a corporate body, like the Church, to operate in the same way? The New Testament tells us that the Early Church was in one accord, unified, and one Body though it contained many members. Despite the stark contrast of the modern church which is filled with division and faction, Pastor Eric Ludy is optimistic that oneness, unity, and integrity can once again define the Body of Christ. But as Ludy points out, this message isn’t just for the Church but for every person, marriage, and family as well.
Eric Ludy - September 20, 2015
The Psalms and the Proverbs tell us that God is our strong tower—He is our fortress, protection, and refuge in times of trial and temptation. Far too many of us live as if we can protect ourselves, rather than avail the strength we have in our position in Christ. In this sermon which examines the authority and power of Jesus Christ, Pastor Eric Ludy explains how the shed blood of Jesus frees us from sin and fortifies our life. Using several personal illustrations, Pastor Ludy shows that in the end we must go beyond knowing about “new rubber boots” and actually put them on. If you’re sick of living in sin or have wondered how to live a fortified Christian life, this sermon will show you how to get the right shoes on your spiritual feet.
Eric Ludy - September 13, 2015
A woman’s position in the church is an oft debated topic today. With straightforward candor and insight, Pastor Eric Ludy walks through Scripture revealing how God chose women from the most unlikely places to be used in bringing forth the Messiah—and in so doing, casts a vision for the beauty and function of femininity. While this message addresses the position of women, it also speaks to all Christians, as the Bride of Christ, showing how we are subject and submissive unto Christ and silent that our Bridegroom may speak.
Eric Ludy - September 6, 2015
“I have rights!” While we may not say it out loud, many of us certainly think the phrase. We guard and protect our time, seeing inconveniences and our personal “broken pots” as bait for frustration. But what would happen if we realized that our business is to fix broken pots, it is to embrace the inconvenient, it is to be willing to give up our time, possessions, and rights. In this funny yet convicting sermon, Eric Ludy shows the difference between self-fulfillment and God-Fulfillment, encouraging everyone to lay down their rights, give up a poverty mentality, and live in a heavenly perspective of inconvenience.
Eric Ludy - August 23, 2015
Many of us walk around feeling like victims. We live with personal pain, wounds, and self-pity which affects our attitude and perspective on life. Yet in Philippians, Paul commands the Church to have the mind and attitude of Christ Jesus. Is it possible to be freed from a victim mentality to embrace the one who is our Victor? In this soul-searching sermon by Pastor Eric Ludy, we learn that Christ’s almighty attitude is the essential ingredient in the life of a Christian. Fear, doubt, worry, self-pity, and the like are not to have a place within our lives. If you have struggled with any of these mentalities, this message will draw your focus back to Christ and reveal that our desperate need is for nothing else but Jesus Christ Himself.
Eric Ludy - August 9, 2015
God’s great work in our lives is to rescue us from eternal punishment. His mercy, forgiveness, and salvation are an incredible reality for the Christian. Yet He is not content to merely rescue us—God is desirous to shape us ever more into the likeness of Jesus Christ. His life is to be our life. His character, mind, attitude, focus, purity, and joy is to be the same within us. This ever progressing work of sanctification is a necessary part of the Christian life. Sanctification is not about “arriving” or “Christian perfectionism,” rather it is the process of allowing the Holy Spirit to remove anything and everything within our lives that is unholy, impure, and unlike Himself. In this sermon about God’s work of sanctification within our lives, Eric Ludy explains that God loves us too much to leave us the way He found us. Discover the five degrees of sanctification that God is anxious to work within your life.
Eric Ludy - August 2, 2015
“Now the works of the flesh are evident,” declares Paul in Galatians 5. And interestingly of the seventeen fleshly works, seven of them deal with the issue of strife, contention, and division. As Christians we might mentally agree that such things should not be within the body of Christ, and yet it is often these issues that we allow to run rampant within the Church and our lives. In this illuminating sermon on one of the hidden issues within the Church, Pastor Eric Ludy explains why we must understand jurisdiction and be willing to allow the Spirit of God to do a work within us and the Church. Jesus Christ must become evident in all our interactions, words, and motives. If you or your church struggle with pride, criticism, accusation, revelry, hatred, resentment, jealousy, strife, or division, this sermon will cast a vision of what our lives and the Church is to look like.
Eric Ludy - July 26, 2015
The Hebrew word “Amen” means far more than a closing statement at the end of a prayer. Contained within this short word is a confidence in the faithfulness, the truth, and the surety of God Himself. He is the Amen God and calls us to amen lives—lives marked by integrity without duplicity or doubt. Using the fickleness of our modern age as a backdrop, Eric Ludy explains the amen life and provides a test to see if we live fickle or amen lives. While this message is guaranteed to convict and bring to light hidden areas that we often overlook as trivial, it also has the potential to radically change your life as the Spirit of God uses the message and questions to bring you to a place of radical-blazing integrity.
Eric Ludy - July 19, 2015
Eric Ludy defines the “Spirit of the Age” as the current reigning behavior, compulsion, and attitude of the world’s system. It is living according to the course, the pattern, the mindset of the world rather than living Biblically, according to the nature and mindset of God. Though this “spirit of the age” has permeated every generation, it appears to be invading the modern Church at ever increasing rates. In this powerful and convicting sermon, Pastor Ludy uses the story of Absalom in the Old Testament to showcase what happens when we justify our sin and allow it to remain in our lives. This is a sermon for everyone who is concerned for where the Church is heading as well as for those struggling with personal sin.
Eric Ludy - July 5, 2015
In the previous sermon The Gospel Delivery – Part One, Pastor Eric Ludy shared the ten “P’s” of Gospelteering and what it means to aggressively sow, relentlessly love, and boldly reap in sharing the Gospel. In this second sermon on the same topic, Pastor Ludy helps you share the Good News of the Gospel by providing ten questions to ask when you deal with someone’s soul. These questions will help you understand where a person is spiritually and how to lead them from death unto life. As a Christian it’s important to remember that we are not the ones who save a soul, Christ alone is, but we are used as a mouthpiece by the Holy Spirit to declare the way of salvation. For those who have struggled with the practical aspect of evangelism, this sermon will be a great help to you.
Eric Ludy - June 28, 2015
The American nation has shifted over the last several years to what could be called a post-Christian or anti-Christian culture. No longer do we reason from moral ethics, a Biblical framework, or a Gospel worldview. And while many Christians have lived in similar cultures throughout history, how do we as American Christians respond to the events unfolding around us? In this sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy reminds us of our position in Christ and gives eight principles of the fearlessly happy believer. If you are concerned for the nation, have been fretting or anxious over current events, or have wondered how to respond, you need to listen to these eight reminders.
Eric Ludy - June 21, 2015
As Christians we know we should be a witness and share the Gospel with the people around us; however, many of us also have a tremendous fear in doing so. Regardless of our insecurities or lack of training, do we agonize over the fact that our lives are barren and lack spiritual fruit? Every Christian is called to be a true Gospelteer and we must allow the Spirit of God to transform us into willing vessels that He can use to share Truth with the world. In this much needed message, Pastor Eric Ludy talks about the ten “P’s” of Gospelteering and what it means to aggressively sow, relentlessly love, and boldly reap in this Gospel Pursuit. You have a call upon your life to proclaim the Gospel, will you listen and obey?
Eric Ludy - June 14, 2015
Exercise, though uncomfortable and painful, is good and needful in the human life. Yet Paul tells Timothy that bodily exercise profits little in comparison to exercising godliness which is profitable for all things. In this ongoing series about the praying and confession Church, Eric Ludy expounds upon the difference between the sluggard and the Gospel Athlete. Too often in the Christian life we embrace laziness, hitting the snooze button of our soul. But Christians are called to action and must be trained athletes, ready for any situation. We must not merely flex in front of a mirror but prepare ourselves for the spiritual battle that lies before us. If you have ever wanted a bootcamp sergeant to yell at your soul to tell you to embrace spiritual exercise, this sermon is for you.
Eric Ludy - June 7, 2015
The North American Church is dying and dwindling. We are inclined toward comfort, ease, and self-satisfaction. We presume that someone else is accomplishing the very thing we are called to do—speaking truth and proclaiming the Gospel to the lost. In short we are passive; which is the exact opposite of what the early church was. In this powerful, hold-nothing-back sermon by Eric Ludy, you will hear the battle cry for the Church to return to relentless Christianity. A Christianity where Christians are in fact…Christians. Our mission is relentless love. Are you willing to say yes to the Great Commission and boldly go into all the world in pursuit of lost souls?
Eric Ludy - May 31, 2015
As Christians we are called to preach the Good News. We are not to quietly sit indifferent upon the sidelines but rather have a heart for the lost and a willingness to share the Gospel with everyone we meet. Yet for many of us we lack confidence, courage, boldness, and power. In short, we need unction. “Without this unction,” writes E.M. Bounds, “there are no true spiritual results accomplished.” In this sermon, Eric Ludy explains what unction is and why it’s absolutely essential in the life of a believer. If you are lacking power in your Christian life or if you need an infusion of boldness in sharing the Gospel, this stirring sermon is for you.
Eric Ludy - May 24, 2015
Throughout history there have been two churches: the silent church and the confessing church. To become the confessing Church we must live, move, speak, and come in perfect alignment with the Word of God—which means, in part, that we must be willing to receive the heart, anguish, and Gethsemane of Jesus Christ. In this sermon, Eric Ludy discusses Pentecost, a dead bunny, the loss of a dinosaur, and the need for tears in the Church. You will discover that to be confessors we must have substance and action in our Christian lives rather than religious deadness. Are you willing for your eyes to be opened and for God to show you that which grieves his heart? Tears are powerful, and God desires to use them for His glory.
Eric Ludy - May 17, 2015
In WWII, there were two distinct churches within Germany, the Church that went silent and the Praying Confessing Church. Interestingly, these are the same two churches within every generation. In the height of persecution will we go silent or stand boldly? Using WWII as the backdrop for this sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy commissions the Church to not be silent but rather do something. Our modern age is aggressively becoming anti-Christian and every believer must make a choice of where to stand. Will you grow silent and sign upon the dotted line of the culture or will you stand for truth, becoming a part of the Praying Confessing Church?
Eric Ludy - May 3, 2015
We live in a culture that consistently strives to be cool. How we dress, talk, and behave is often a result of trying to fit in and exude an attitude of coolness. As Christians we must make a choice of whether we want to be cool in the eyes of the world or burn with passion for Christ, for we can’t do both. In this convicting message, Pastor Eric Ludy declares that to side with Christ is to wear a brand of foolishness upon us. It’s time we make a decision—are we willing to bear the stigma of Christ?
Eric Ludy - April 19, 2015
We live in a time when anything and everything has access to our minds. There is often no boundary or guard and thus we lack purity of heart and mind. Beginning with what the world declares as two of its greatest ideas, Eric Ludy shows the difference between an evolutionary or freudian thought process and what the Word of God says. We all consume food for our minds, the question is what type and quality we allow access into our lives? Scripture commands us to be and think pure—if you’ve ever struggled with purity or have noticed your mind thinking from a worldly perspective, this sermon is for you.
Eric Ludy - April 12, 2015
History is an excellent teacher and this sermon by Eric Ludy weaves Scriptural truth with historical narrative to explain how faith is to function. Cotton fields, the boll weevil, and a bowl of peanuts come together from America’s past to illustrate the biblical idea of grace and the difference between the work of the law and the work of faith in our lives. If you’ve had a hard time understanding faith, this sermon will explain it in a simple and straightforward manner that will leave you knowing how the Christian life is to properly function.
Eric Ludy - April 5, 2015
Most of us can recount the story of Jonah, but few of us have spent the necessary time to dive deeply into its message. In what was the greatest recorded revival in Scripture, with an unlikely messenger from a small town in Northern Israel, and a “sign” that later is fulfilled in the New Testament, the book of Jonah is a powerful picture of God’s grace and redemption. Going beyond the book of Jonah into the New Testament, Eric Ludy delivers this unique but stirring Resurrection Sunday message about a stinking fish and the great fish-master from Galilee. Listen to this message, you’ll never again look at the story of Jonah the same.
Eric Ludy - March 29, 2015
Three days isn’t a long period of time—but when you face challenges, difficulties, and circumstances, and God appears to be silent, three days feels like an eternity. Throughout Scripture, there are several accounts of people facing a “three-day test.” In this message, Eric Ludy examines seven different stories throughout Scripture of people who dealt with a three-day trial and were triumphant afterward. This powerful meditation leads you to the climatic moment of Jesus’ death and the three days He was in the tomb before the greatest triumph in history: the resurrection of Christ. If you have ever felt God was silent or thought you were facing a “three-day test,” this message is for you.

Eric Ludy - March 22, 2015
Eric Ludy - March 15, 2015
A 2 Part Sermon Series As Christians, we should desire for God to move mightily and showcase Himself in and through our lives, yet we often overlook the work of God in the mundane. What may appear to be unimpressive, ordinary, and simple moments of life are actually opportunities for God to demonstrate and glorify Himself. In this message entitled The Marvel of the Mundane, Eric Ludy shows the difference between the “wow” and the “mundane” and how God is actively involved in both. Pastor Ludy gives seven principles of Heaven’s work and argues that God’s return of power hinges upon our readiness to allow the mundane aspects of life to declare God’s glory.
Eric Ludy - March 8, 2015
The Old Testament Law was given as a forerunner to reveal the coming Messiah. It was given as a school teacher to reveal our need and lead us toward a greater focus: Jesus Christ. Paul declares in 1 Corinthians that what Jesus accomplished, purchased, and provided supersedes and is superior to the Old Testament Law. All throughout the New Testament we discover that Christians are no longer bound to the Mosaic Law but rather bound to Christ (a higher Law). The hallmark of Christianity is not circumcision or adhering to the Mosaic Law, instead we are defined by love. In this message, Pastor Eric Ludy gives an in-depth study on the difference between law and love and why Jesus is the more excellent way.
Eric Ludy - March 1, 2015
A 2 Part Sermon Series In 2 Corinthians 5:17, Paul declares: “if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” What does it mean to leave the old and live within the new? In this two-part message by Eric Ludy, the difference between the old creature and the new creature is examined. The triumphant reality of the Cross of Christ is that as Christians we have a whole new anatomy. We have a brand new heart, mind, ears, eyes, nose, and tongue— altering how we think, live, and talk. Some believers want the new heart and mind but wish to leave the new tongue behind; others put emphasis on tongues but forget about the rest of body. As Christians, we are new creatures, where every part of us is transformed ever more into the likeness of Jesus Christ. If you have struggled with what it means to be a new creature in Christ—in every part of your life—this sermon is for you.
Eric Ludy - February 22, 2015
A 2 Part Sermon Series There is a piece of property that every Christian longs to live at: 44 Happily-Ever-After Lane. This historic property contains the most beautiful and peaceful setting anyone could ever wish to live; and yet it is the place of suffering, difficulty, and war. Sounds like quite the contradiction doesn’t it? In this whimsical and powerful two-part message, Eric Ludy talks about the life of a Christian, the benefits and difficulties that come with it, and the desperate need for forgiveness in our lives. When 44 Happily-Ever-After Lane is riddled with unforgiveness, it can no longer be the beautiful estate God desires us to live in. If you find forgiveness difficult, this sermon will unveil the power to do the impossible.
Eric Ludy - February 15, 2015
There are certain passages in Scripture that prove difficult for most pastors and teachers. The book of 1 Corinthians is no exception. Paul’s epistle often becomes divisive in the areas of liberty, law, marriage, prophecy, women’s role within the church, head coverings, and speaking in tongues. What are we as believers to do with such passages. In this revealing study on First Corinthians, Pastor Eric Ludy tackles these subjects and talks about the key to unlocking and understanding the text.

Eric Ludy - February 8, 2015
Eric Ludy - February 1, 2015
How do we know if we are truly saved? Does Scripture give us an answer? In this sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy reveals what God’s Word says about the immense subject of salvation and provides a helpful guide to know if we are in the faith. Using the illustration of a house, salvation will be easier to understand as you discover that the tenor of our lives will demonstrate whether we are homeless or inside the house. This message will give you a practical handle on salvation as well as questions to see if you have any open doors to sin in your life.
Eric Ludy - January 25, 2015
A 2 Part Sermon Series Christian history is full of stories of believers who stood courageously in the face of severe trials, difficulties, cannibal tribesmen, ruthless gang members, torture, and the like. As Christians, our lives are not to be marked by fear, anxiety, or cowardice but by faith, bravery, and extraordinary courage. In this powerful two-part message, Eric Ludy examines Christian history, recounting heroic stories of old, and what the cure for cowardice is for our day.
Eric Ludy - December 28, 2014
A 2 Part Sermon Series Euaggelion is the Greek word in the New Testament for “the Gospel.” Yet too often in the Church today, our understanding of what the Gospel is – is like reading a new language – aspects and words look familiar but we don’t know what to do with it. The Gospel is a central theme throughout Scripture and as Christians, we should know it and be able to articulate it to others – for it is the power of God unto Salvation! This two-part sermon series by Eric Ludy examines what Scripture says about the Gospel and lays forth the 16 building blocks of being firmly established in Christ. If you are looking for an infusion of Biblical truth or interested in how to share the Gospel, this sermon is for you.
Eric Ludy - December 14, 2014
A 2 Part Sermon Series “Novice” is not a term we naturally gravitate toward in describing ourselves. We prefer “mature,” “experienced,” or “diligent”—just not novice. However, to become a great leader, a novice needs a proving season—a time of preparation, training, and transformation. Using David, the shepherd boy turned king, as an example, this sermon series examines how God prepares and trains Christians for leadership and how it all starts with being a novice. In this sermon, Eric Ludy encourages future leaders with four restraints and four key principles for leadership. You will discover that God delights to use humble, faithful, and child-like men and women to accomplish His purposes.
Eric Ludy - December 7, 2014
Scripture is forthright in telling us that generosity is central to the Christian life. Far more than just giving money, generosity is to declare and evidence the Gospel within our lives. In this sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy shares seven principles for Kingdom giving and shows that true generosity has a proper Scriptural attitude: hilarious cheerfulness. If you usually cringe when the topic of giving is mentioned, this sermon will provide a fresh perspective and encouragement for how you are to handle every area of your life. And be forewarned, there is a “hilarious” pop-quiz found herein.
Eric Ludy - November 30, 2014
A 2 Part Sermon Series What is prayer? Sure, we can give a quick answer from what we learned in Sunday school, but how is saying a quick blessing before our meals different than God-honoring, heaven-shaking, earth-changing prayer? As Christians we too often glide through our day without thinking about the tremendous opportunity and command we have to pray. So what is prayer? In this two part series, Pastor Eric Ludy shares what prayer is and how we can change the world upon our knees. This isn’t some lip service we give God before bed but audacious asking to the One who intercedes on our behalf. It is as much knowing Whom we pray to as it is what we ask for. If you are looking for a greater passion in your prayer life, this sermon series is for you.
Eric Ludy - November 23, 2014
A 2 Part Sermon Series The Holy Spirit's work is evident throughout Scripture, though it is often unnoticed and unseen. He is the humble servant whose desire is to reveal the Father and Jesus Christ, instead of making Himself the focus. His role is one of humility and yet it is also one of boldness and audacity. In this two part series on the Holy Spirit, you will discover the essential work of the Holy Spirit in your life as a Christian. You are to follow Him in humility to the lowest places and likewise proclaim boldly the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
Eric Ludy - November 16, 2014
A 3 Part Sermon Series Jesus Christ is central, not only to our lives as Christians, but also to the entirety of Scripture. He is found upon every page: the Old Testament points toward Christ and His work upon the Cross, and the New Testament shows forth His life with stunning clarity. This three-part message is a literal symphony of Truth that awakens you to the extraordinary supernatural dimensions of Scripture and the thrilling notion that all Scripture aims towards one thing: Jesus. He is the North Star that we fix our compass to. This message proudly and firmly enunciates the heart and focus of Ellerslie.
Eric Ludy - November 2, 2014
A 3 Part Sermon Series The authority of the Word of God is being openly challenged today, even from within the Church. Though this has been true in nearly every generation, it is possible to have confidence and boldness in the timeless, eternal, and flawless character of Scripture. In this message, Eric Ludy explains the Canon Test (which God gave Moses to prove the authority of His Word) and shows how this “canon” was used throughout Scripture and is now applied in our lives. The climatic reality is that Jesus Christ has fulfilled the Canon Test and has the divine right to rule and control our lives. This sermon will leave you awestruck as you listen to how Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament in perfection.
Eric Ludy - October 26, 2014
A 3 Part Sermon Series In Christ (which is the constant position of a Christian) is fundamental to understand if you want to have a life of victory, triumph, freedom, and peace. The great reality of a believer’s life is that we believe the truth of Scripture and find ourselves located IN Christ and Him in us. Just as clothing must be worn to obtain the benefit from it, we also must be clothed with Christ—a statement found throughout Scripture. In this sermon, you will discover the importance of reckoning the Truth and how to live the Christian life from a position of victory. You will find that the impossible Christian life cannot be lived in your own strength, but rather in the one who is and cannot lie. And for those of you who love a great sermon illustration, this three part series is packed with them.
Eric Ludy - October 19, 2014
A 3 Part Sermon SeriesThe constant declaration of the Christian life is, “I can’t, but God can!” Our lives were made to be inhabited by the living God, through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, to be used as a “glove” upon His hand. This enabling power of His life, called grace, supplies all we need for life and godliness. Grace is far more than a mere hug of God. In fact, the topic of grace is so immense, even this three-part sermon hardly begins to describe the depths and majesty of it. But don’t let that deter you—Pastor Eric Ludy provides a primer on grace, giving you a basic Scriptural understanding, lots of content you can study later, and an encouragement to stop trying to manufacture the Christian life and let God do it in and through you.
Eric Ludy - October 12, 2014
A 3 Part Sermon Series Christianity is built upon one simple thing: faith. But for faith to be operative it needs an object to focus itself—an object of salvation. In this three-part sermon on faith, you’ll discover the four key truths about faith and how faith and doubt cannot coexist in a believer’s life. May our lives be built firmly upon the rock of faith and boldly declare, “Watch what my God will do!”
Eric Ludy - October 5, 2014
A 3 Part Sermon Series At Ellerslie we desire to have one focus: Jesus and Him crucified. In the early church it is said as the disciples were “daily in the temple, and in every house, they ceased not to teach and preach Jesus Christ.” We want every message to be about Jesus: exalting Him, glorifying Him, and increasing our faith in Him. Charles Spurgeon called it being a man of “one subject.” The Majestic Jesus is a message focused on the amazing reality that Jesus is God! Starting with the preservation of the God-ness of the Bible, Pastor Eric Ludy builds a case to show Jesus as the incarnate Word, the “I Am” throughout Scripture, and the “divine condescension” that wrapped itself in human flesh. Become awed at the beauty and majesty of Jesus as we see Him afresh throughout the Word of God.
Eric Ludy - September 28, 2014
A 3 Part Sermon Series There has been a resurgence of individuals who argue that righteousness and godliness come through obeying the law, keeping the festivals, and using the name “Yeshua” instead of the common English translation, “Jesus.” This return unto the law is a dangerous trend that the apostle Paul fought virulently against—for “salvation by grace through faith” is the message of the entire New Testament. “The Koine Jesus” examines how God purposely and deliberately chose the Koine Greek language (the language of the Gentiles) to reveal His grand Gospel in and through the New Testament. The Gospel isn’t just for the special few, but for the “common people” of this earth.
Eric Ludy - September 21, 2014
A 3 Part Sermon Series Scripture is under attack, and countless individuals—even within the Church—doubt the authenticity and supernatural construction of God’s Word. This three-part series examines ten simple proofs of the construction, preservation, and accuracy of the Word of God. This message will supercharge your faith, give you greater confidence in the Word of God, and cause you to fall in love with Scripture all over again.
Eric Ludy - September 14, 2014
A 3 Part Sermon Series This sermon was an experiment. Back on September 14th of 2014 we tried something completely unorthodox at our church. Eric presented three sermons on a Sunday morning instead of one. Since the classic Ellerslie sermon measures out to around 90 minutes in length, the idea of three Ellerslie sermons each measuring out to around 30 minutes proved a roaring success. With the same great content now in bite-sized pieces, the series model is ideal for short Bible studies with small groups. This particular message, Embracing the Inconvenient, was the perfect theme for launching a new era at Ellerslie. It’s one of the most basic truths that defines who we are and what we do.
Eric Ludy - August 31, 2014
Peter’s famous quote in Church history, “Desiderio Domini”, expresses a tender affection toward Jesus that is rare within the Church today. This message powerfully enunciates that ancient ache of Peter. For by and large there is something missing in the modern rendition of Christianity, and this is a call for the return of this tender ache—the deep and pleading, tear- filled longing for the full majesty and glory of God to once again be revealed on this earth.
Eric Ludy - August 17, 2014
“God loves you.” If we understood what this statement really meant, we would fall flat on our faces in worship day in and day out. But somehow it has lost its significance to us as the Church. We do not truly understand God’s love for us, and as a result, we lack the ability to pour out that same love upon His Church around us. This message calls us to a greater standard of love for one another as we walk in the love and tender mercies of God toward us.
Eric Ludy - August 10, 2014
If we’re honest, it’s hard enough to grasp that God is for us, let alone that He actively intercedes for us. The whole idea of the Holy Spirit interceding on our behalf is a bit of a mystery to us. However, it is one of the most precious, day-by-day interactions we have with God. This message attempts to bring understanding to this beautiful reality and clarify how He works on our behalf moment by moment.
Eric Ludy - August 3, 2014
Tithe. Some of us cringe at the word! There has been a lot of abuse of this concept in God’s Church, but that should not keep us from fully submitting to His Word on giving. This message, a result of God dealing with and refining Eric’s perspective on tithing, casts a vision for how God intended His Church to work in the area of giving. Let it encourage you afresh to offer all that you are and all that you have unto Jesus to be spent for His purposes alone.
Eric Ludy - July 27, 2014
One of the challenges facing the modern Church today is a lack of understanding in how to engage in the spiritual battle that surrounds us as Christians. We either prefer to bury our heads in the sand, or we over- demonize everything. Either way, we can easily miss Christ and the provision He made through the Gospel for addressing our greatest foe. This messages reminds us of the power that we have been granted through the Gospel—through our position in Christ—to trample upon the enemy and the powers of darkness. May we walk daily in the reality that Christ “spoiled principalities and powers, made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it.”
Eric Ludy - July 20, 2014
Oftentimes when we tell the story of David, we focus on the many ways David was a picture of Christ. But a rich layer to the story of David is actually found in the character of Jonathan and how his actions toward David mirror how we enter into covenant with Christ. This message speaks to the beauty of covenant with Jesus and what it looks like to dethrone self for His exaltation and honor. May we be a people who gladly give up our best and our all so that He may fully give us of His life.
Eric Ludy - July 6, 2014
Christ declared that there was only one sign that He would give: the sign of Jonah. But what exactly was the sign of Jonah? This message dives into the rich story of Jonah and the repentance of Nineveh, which showcases Christ and His work of salvation on so many levels. May the Lord continue to open our eyes to how all of Scripture testifies of Christ and turns our hearts to feast upon the glories of Calvary.
Eric Ludy - June 22, 2014
Ever since the Tower of Babel, humans have demonstrated their love for building things on their own, apart from God. But when we look at our lives, our marriages, our families, and our ministries, we find that we do not have what we need to build them strong. This message reminds us that God is the Master Builder and it is through dependence upon the Spirit that every arena of our lives is established. It is only when we let go of the flesh and grab a hold of God that our efforts prosper!
Eric Ludy - June 15, 2014
Do you ever find yourself shying away from impossible situations? Our natural inclination is to choose the path of least resistance, but God has called us as believers to choose the impossible! We can have absolute confidence that as we choose the narrow way, God will come through and glorify Himself in the most challenging circumstances. May this message stir you to greater confidence to walk in the Impossible and proclaim God's ability to come through.
Eric Ludy - June 8, 2014
We aren't typically attracted to the life of a soldier, but as Christians, every one of us is enlisted! The moment we enter into Christ, we are brought into a military unit under the command of the Lord of battles. The heavenly soldier is a cheerful sufferer and loves his job. He can imagine no greater privilege than to live for the glory of his King. May we obey God’s commands without hesitation, not because we are fulfilling a duty, but because we are serving the one we love.
Eric Ludy - June 1, 2014
Our finite minds have such difficulty grasping the depths of the love of God—it’s so far beyond all that we can imagine! And yet this deluge of love from the Father is the daily reality of the children of God. What keeps us from knowing it more fully? This message reminds us of God’s immense love for His people and how the Gospel is driven by this motive of love.
Eric Ludy - May 25, 2014
This is a unique and deeply personal peek into the heart of a pastor. Eric Ludy approached this message very differently than a typical sermon, bringing a warmth, familiarity, and vulnerability to it that lent an endearing and unforgettable luster to this particular Sunday morning. It’s impossible to listen to this message without being impacted.