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Eric Ludy - August 23, 2015
Many of us walk around feeling like victims. We live with personal pain, wounds, and self-pity which affects our attitude and perspective on life. Yet in Philippians, Paul commands the Church to have the mind and attitude of Christ Jesus. Is it possible to be freed from a victim mentality to embrace the one who is our Victor? In this soul-searching sermon by Pastor Eric Ludy, we learn that Christ’s almighty attitude is the essential ingredient in the life of a Christian. Fear, doubt, worry, self-pity, and the like are not to have a place within our lives. If you have struggled with any of these mentalities, this message will draw your focus back to Christ and reveal that our desperate need is for nothing else but Jesus Christ Himself.
Eric Ludy - August 9, 2015
God’s great work in our lives is to rescue us from eternal punishment. His mercy, forgiveness, and salvation are an incredible reality for the Christian. Yet He is not content to merely rescue us—God is desirous to shape us ever more into the likeness of Jesus Christ. His life is to be our life. His character, mind, attitude, focus, purity, and joy is to be the same within us. This ever progressing work of sanctification is a necessary part of the Christian life. Sanctification is not about “arriving” or “Christian perfectionism,” rather it is the process of allowing the Holy Spirit to remove anything and everything within our lives that is unholy, impure, and unlike Himself. In this sermon about God’s work of sanctification within our lives, Eric Ludy explains that God loves us too much to leave us the way He found us. Discover the five degrees of sanctification that God is anxious to work within your life.
Eric Ludy - August 2, 2015
“Now the works of the flesh are evident,” declares Paul in Galatians 5. And interestingly of the seventeen fleshly works, seven of them deal with the issue of strife, contention, and division. As Christians we might mentally agree that such things should not be within the body of Christ, and yet it is often these issues that we allow to run rampant within the Church and our lives. In this illuminating sermon on one of the hidden issues within the Church, Pastor Eric Ludy explains why we must understand jurisdiction and be willing to allow the Spirit of God to do a work within us and the Church. Jesus Christ must become evident in all our interactions, words, and motives. If you or your church struggle with pride, criticism, accusation, revelry, hatred, resentment, jealousy, strife, or division, this sermon will cast a vision of what our lives and the Church is to look like.
Eric Ludy - July 26, 2015
The Hebrew word “Amen” means far more than a closing statement at the end of a prayer. Contained within this short word is a confidence in the faithfulness, the truth, and the surety of God Himself. He is the Amen God and calls us to amen lives—lives marked by integrity without duplicity or doubt. Using the fickleness of our modern age as a backdrop, Eric Ludy explains the amen life and provides a test to see if we live fickle or amen lives. While this message is guaranteed to convict and bring to light hidden areas that we often overlook as trivial, it also has the potential to radically change your life as the Spirit of God uses the message and questions to bring you to a place of radical-blazing integrity.
Eric Ludy - July 19, 2015
Eric Ludy defines the “Spirit of the Age” as the current reigning behavior, compulsion, and attitude of the world’s system. It is living according to the course, the pattern, the mindset of the world rather than living Biblically, according to the nature and mindset of God. Though this “spirit of the age” has permeated every generation, it appears to be invading the modern Church at ever increasing rates. In this powerful and convicting sermon, Pastor Ludy uses the story of Absalom in the Old Testament to showcase what happens when we justify our sin and allow it to remain in our lives. This is a sermon for everyone who is concerned for where the Church is heading as well as for those struggling with personal sin.
Eric Ludy - July 5, 2015
In the previous sermon The Gospel Delivery – Part One, Pastor Eric Ludy shared the ten “P’s” of Gospelteering and what it means to aggressively sow, relentlessly love, and boldly reap in sharing the Gospel. In this second sermon on the same topic, Pastor Ludy helps you share the Good News of the Gospel by providing ten questions to ask when you deal with someone’s soul. These questions will help you understand where a person is spiritually and how to lead them from death unto life. As a Christian it’s important to remember that we are not the ones who save a soul, Christ alone is, but we are used as a mouthpiece by the Holy Spirit to declare the way of salvation. For those who have struggled with the practical aspect of evangelism, this sermon will be a great help to you.
Eric Ludy - June 28, 2015
The American nation has shifted over the last several years to what could be called a post-Christian or anti-Christian culture. No longer do we reason from moral ethics, a Biblical framework, or a Gospel worldview. And while many Christians have lived in similar cultures throughout history, how do we as American Christians respond to the events unfolding around us? In this sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy reminds us of our position in Christ and gives eight principles of the fearlessly happy believer. If you are concerned for the nation, have been fretting or anxious over current events, or have wondered how to respond, you need to listen to these eight reminders.
Eric Ludy - June 21, 2015
As Christians we know we should be a witness and share the Gospel with the people around us; however, many of us also have a tremendous fear in doing so. Regardless of our insecurities or lack of training, do we agonize over the fact that our lives are barren and lack spiritual fruit? Every Christian is called to be a true Gospelteer and we must allow the Spirit of God to transform us into willing vessels that He can use to share Truth with the world. In this much needed message, Pastor Eric Ludy talks about the ten “P’s” of Gospelteering and what it means to aggressively sow, relentlessly love, and boldly reap in this Gospel Pursuit. You have a call upon your life to proclaim the Gospel, will you listen and obey?
Eric Ludy - June 14, 2015
Exercise, though uncomfortable and painful, is good and needful in the human life. Yet Paul tells Timothy that bodily exercise profits little in comparison to exercising godliness which is profitable for all things. In this ongoing series about the praying and confession Church, Eric Ludy expounds upon the difference between the sluggard and the Gospel Athlete. Too often in the Christian life we embrace laziness, hitting the snooze button of our soul. But Christians are called to action and must be trained athletes, ready for any situation. We must not merely flex in front of a mirror but prepare ourselves for the spiritual battle that lies before us. If you have ever wanted a bootcamp sergeant to yell at your soul to tell you to embrace spiritual exercise, this sermon is for you.
Eric Ludy - June 7, 2015
The North American Church is dying and dwindling. We are inclined toward comfort, ease, and self-satisfaction. We presume that someone else is accomplishing the very thing we are called to do—speaking truth and proclaiming the Gospel to the lost. In short we are passive; which is the exact opposite of what the early church was. In this powerful, hold-nothing-back sermon by Eric Ludy, you will hear the battle cry for the Church to return to relentless Christianity. A Christianity where Christians are in fact…Christians. Our mission is relentless love. Are you willing to say yes to the Great Commission and boldly go into all the world in pursuit of lost souls?
Eric Ludy - May 31, 2015
As Christians we are called to preach the Good News. We are not to quietly sit indifferent upon the sidelines but rather have a heart for the lost and a willingness to share the Gospel with everyone we meet. Yet for many of us we lack confidence, courage, boldness, and power. In short, we need unction. “Without this unction,” writes E.M. Bounds, “there are no true spiritual results accomplished.” In this sermon, Eric Ludy explains what unction is and why it’s absolutely essential in the life of a believer. If you are lacking power in your Christian life or if you need an infusion of boldness in sharing the Gospel, this stirring sermon is for you.
Eric Ludy - May 24, 2015
Throughout history there have been two churches: the silent church and the confessing church. To become the confessing Church we must live, move, speak, and come in perfect alignment with the Word of God—which means, in part, that we must be willing to receive the heart, anguish, and Gethsemane of Jesus Christ. In this sermon, Eric Ludy discusses Pentecost, a dead bunny, the loss of a dinosaur, and the need for tears in the Church. You will discover that to be confessors we must have substance and action in our Christian lives rather than religious deadness. Are you willing for your eyes to be opened and for God to show you that which grieves his heart? Tears are powerful, and God desires to use them for His glory.
Eric Ludy - May 17, 2015
In WWII, there were two distinct churches within Germany, the Church that went silent and the Praying Confessing Church. Interestingly, these are the same two churches within every generation. In the height of persecution will we go silent or stand boldly? Using WWII as the backdrop for this sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy commissions the Church to not be silent but rather do something. Our modern age is aggressively becoming anti-Christian and every believer must make a choice of where to stand. Will you grow silent and sign upon the dotted line of the culture or will you stand for truth, becoming a part of the Praying Confessing Church?
Eric Ludy - May 3, 2015
We live in a culture that consistently strives to be cool. How we dress, talk, and behave is often a result of trying to fit in and exude an attitude of coolness. As Christians we must make a choice of whether we want to be cool in the eyes of the world or burn with passion for Christ, for we can’t do both. In this convicting message, Pastor Eric Ludy declares that to side with Christ is to wear a brand of foolishness upon us. It’s time we make a decision—are we willing to bear the stigma of Christ?
Eric Ludy - April 19, 2015
We live in a time when anything and everything has access to our minds. There is often no boundary or guard and thus we lack purity of heart and mind. Beginning with what the world declares as two of its greatest ideas, Eric Ludy shows the difference between an evolutionary or freudian thought process and what the Word of God says. We all consume food for our minds, the question is what type and quality we allow access into our lives? Scripture commands us to be and think pure—if you’ve ever struggled with purity or have noticed your mind thinking from a worldly perspective, this sermon is for you.
Eric Ludy - April 12, 2015
History is an excellent teacher and this sermon by Eric Ludy weaves Scriptural truth with historical narrative to explain how faith is to function. Cotton fields, the boll weevil, and a bowl of peanuts come together from America’s past to illustrate the biblical idea of grace and the difference between the work of the law and the work of faith in our lives. If you’ve had a hard time understanding faith, this sermon will explain it in a simple and straightforward manner that will leave you knowing how the Christian life is to properly function.
Eric Ludy - April 5, 2015
Most of us can recount the story of Jonah, but few of us have spent the necessary time to dive deeply into its message. In what was the greatest recorded revival in Scripture, with an unlikely messenger from a small town in Northern Israel, and a “sign” that later is fulfilled in the New Testament, the book of Jonah is a powerful picture of God’s grace and redemption. Going beyond the book of Jonah into the New Testament, Eric Ludy delivers this unique but stirring Resurrection Sunday message about a stinking fish and the great fish-master from Galilee. Listen to this message, you’ll never again look at the story of Jonah the same.
Eric Ludy - March 29, 2015
Three days isn’t a long period of time—but when you face challenges, difficulties, and circumstances, and God appears to be silent, three days feels like an eternity. Throughout Scripture, there are several accounts of people facing a “three-day test.” In this message, Eric Ludy examines seven different stories throughout Scripture of people who dealt with a three-day trial and were triumphant afterward. This powerful meditation leads you to the climatic moment of Jesus’ death and the three days He was in the tomb before the greatest triumph in history: the resurrection of Christ. If you have ever felt God was silent or thought you were facing a “three-day test,” this message is for you.
Eric Ludy - March 8, 2015
The Old Testament Law was given as a forerunner to reveal the coming Messiah. It was given as a school teacher to reveal our need and lead us toward a greater focus: Jesus Christ. Paul declares in 1 Corinthians that what Jesus accomplished, purchased, and provided supersedes and is superior to the Old Testament Law. All throughout the New Testament we discover that Christians are no longer bound to the Mosaic Law but rather bound to Christ (a higher Law). The hallmark of Christianity is not circumcision or adhering to the Mosaic Law, instead we are defined by love. In this message, Pastor Eric Ludy gives an in-depth study on the difference between law and love and why Jesus is the more excellent way.
Eric Ludy - February 15, 2015
There are certain passages in Scripture that prove difficult for most pastors and teachers. The book of 1 Corinthians is no exception. Paul’s epistle often becomes divisive in the areas of liberty, law, marriage, prophecy, women’s role within the church, head coverings, and speaking in tongues. What are we as believers to do with such passages. In this revealing study on First Corinthians, Pastor Eric Ludy tackles these subjects and talks about the key to unlocking and understanding the text.
Eric Ludy - February 1, 2015
How do we know if we are truly saved? Does Scripture give us an answer? In this sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy reveals what God’s Word says about the immense subject of salvation and provides a helpful guide to know if we are in the faith. Using the illustration of a house, salvation will be easier to understand as you discover that the tenor of our lives will demonstrate whether we are homeless or inside the house. This message will give you a practical handle on salvation as well as questions to see if you have any open doors to sin in your life.
Eric Ludy - December 7, 2014
Scripture is forthright in telling us that generosity is central to the Christian life. Far more than just giving money, generosity is to declare and evidence the Gospel within our lives. In this sermon, Pastor Eric Ludy shares seven principles for Kingdom giving and shows that true generosity has a proper Scriptural attitude: hilarious cheerfulness. If you usually cringe when the topic of giving is mentioned, this sermon will provide a fresh perspective and encouragement for how you are to handle every area of your life. And be forewarned, there is a “hilarious” pop-quiz found herein.
Eric Ludy - August 31, 2014
Peter’s famous quote in Church history, “Desiderio Domini”, expresses a tender affection toward Jesus that is rare within the Church today. This message powerfully enunciates that ancient ache of Peter. For by and large there is something missing in the modern rendition of Christianity, and this is a call for the return of this tender ache—the deep and pleading, tear- filled longing for the full majesty and glory of God to once again be revealed on this earth.
Eric Ludy - August 17, 2014
“God loves you.” If we understood what this statement really meant, we would fall flat on our faces in worship day in and day out. But somehow it has lost its significance to us as the Church. We do not truly understand God’s love for us, and as a result, we lack the ability to pour out that same love upon His Church around us. This message calls us to a greater standard of love for one another as we walk in the love and tender mercies of God toward us.
Eric Ludy - August 10, 2014
If we’re honest, it’s hard enough to grasp that God is for us, let alone that He actively intercedes for us. The whole idea of the Holy Spirit interceding on our behalf is a bit of a mystery to us. However, it is one of the most precious, day-by-day interactions we have with God. This message attempts to bring understanding to this beautiful reality and clarify how He works on our behalf moment by moment.
Eric Ludy - August 3, 2014
Tithe. Some of us cringe at the word! There has been a lot of abuse of this concept in God’s Church, but that should not keep us from fully submitting to His Word on giving. This message, a result of God dealing with and refining Eric’s perspective on tithing, casts a vision for how God intended His Church to work in the area of giving. Let it encourage you afresh to offer all that you are and all that you have unto Jesus to be spent for His purposes alone.
Eric Ludy - July 27, 2014
One of the challenges facing the modern Church today is a lack of understanding in how to engage in the spiritual battle that surrounds us as Christians. We either prefer to bury our heads in the sand, or we over- demonize everything. Either way, we can easily miss Christ and the provision He made through the Gospel for addressing our greatest foe. This messages reminds us of the power that we have been granted through the Gospel—through our position in Christ—to trample upon the enemy and the powers of darkness. May we walk daily in the reality that Christ “spoiled principalities and powers, made a show of them openly, triumphing over them in it.”
Eric Ludy - July 20, 2014
Oftentimes when we tell the story of David, we focus on the many ways David was a picture of Christ. But a rich layer to the story of David is actually found in the character of Jonathan and how his actions toward David mirror how we enter into covenant with Christ. This message speaks to the beauty of covenant with Jesus and what it looks like to dethrone self for His exaltation and honor. May we be a people who gladly give up our best and our all so that He may fully give us of His life.
Eric Ludy - July 6, 2014
Christ declared that there was only one sign that He would give: the sign of Jonah. But what exactly was the sign of Jonah? This message dives into the rich story of Jonah and the repentance of Nineveh, which showcases Christ and His work of salvation on so many levels. May the Lord continue to open our eyes to how all of Scripture testifies of Christ and turns our hearts to feast upon the glories of Calvary.
- June 29, 2014
As Christians, we often feel that once we hear and believe the Gospel, we do not need to hear it again. However, messages like this one remind us how important it is for us to continually meditate on the truths of the Gospel. This message is a compilation of several guest speaker’s meditations on the sufficiency of the Cross of Christ. May we never place our hope in anything else, lest we unwittingly declare that Christ died in vain, for nothing can be added to His Work.
Eric Ludy - June 22, 2014
Ever since the Tower of Babel, humans have demonstrated their love for building things on their own, apart from God. But when we look at our lives, our marriages, our families, and our ministries, we find that we do not have what we need to build them strong. This message reminds us that God is the Master Builder and it is through dependence upon the Spirit that every arena of our lives is established. It is only when we let go of the flesh and grab a hold of God that our efforts prosper!
Eric Ludy - June 15, 2014
Do you ever find yourself shying away from impossible situations? Our natural inclination is to choose the path of least resistance, but God has called us as believers to choose the impossible! We can have absolute confidence that as we choose the narrow way, God will come through and glorify Himself in the most challenging circumstances. May this message stir you to greater confidence to walk in the Impossible and proclaim God's ability to come through.
Eric Ludy - June 8, 2014
We aren't typically attracted to the life of a soldier, but as Christians, every one of us is enlisted! The moment we enter into Christ, we are brought into a military unit under the command of the Lord of battles. The heavenly soldier is a cheerful sufferer and loves his job. He can imagine no greater privilege than to live for the glory of his King. May we obey God’s commands without hesitation, not because we are fulfilling a duty, but because we are serving the one we love.
Eric Ludy - June 1, 2014
Our finite minds have such difficulty grasping the depths of the love of God—it’s so far beyond all that we can imagine! And yet this deluge of love from the Father is the daily reality of the children of God. What keeps us from knowing it more fully? This message reminds us of God’s immense love for His people and how the Gospel is driven by this motive of love.
Eric Ludy - May 25, 2014
This is a unique and deeply personal peek into the heart of a pastor. Eric Ludy approached this message very differently than a typical sermon, bringing a warmth, familiarity, and vulnerability to it that lent an endearing and unforgettable luster to this particular Sunday morning. It’s impossible to listen to this message without being impacted.
Eric Ludy - May 18, 2014
What would it look like for the Church to fight on the offensive, rather than the defensive? We often have a passive stance in bringing the Gospel to the world, but effective evangelism happens when we use wisdom and creativity. Just as the Salvation Army brought the Gospel to the East End of London with an unexpected (and very effective!) tactic, this message inspires us to ask God for how we can proactively approach our generation. We have all been placed in this generation by God and are being built for such a time as this. Look out, world!
Eric Ludy - May 11, 2014
“Bramwell, these are our people—the people I want you to live for.” William Booth made this statement to his young son as God was leading their family to minister in the East End, the worst part of London. In the same way, we have been given a commission to pour our lives out for the lowest and the neediest. This message reminds us of God’s desire to spend His people for the weak of this world. If you need a strong push to get outside of your comfort zone in ministry, this is a good place to begin.
Eric Ludy - May 4, 2014
If Jesus was not the Son of God, would it change much about what we believe? The truth is, it would change everything. The divinity of Christ is under major attack in the emergent movement and often treated as an inconsequential detail. However, the entire Gospel unravels if we compromise on this point. This message reminds us of the significance of Christ being God and the power that it gives the Gospel. May the privilege of having Immanuel, “God with us,” never cease to inspire awe!
Eric Ludy - April 27, 2014
Have you ever noticed that the closer you grow to Christ, the more challenging life seems to get? One of the paradoxes of Christianity is that the grand and glorious Cross is both a place of life and of death, a place of victory and of suffering. This message declares the Cross of Christ to be the epicenter of all of history and exhorts us to keep it at the center of our lives. May we never lose the wonder of that day on Calvary and of the life that Jesus brought us through His death.
Eric Ludy - April 20, 2014
How important is the doctrine of Hell? For as little as we teach on or think about Hell, it is an essential component of the Gospel. Without a real Hell, the Cross and Resurrection lose their triumphant power. This message given on Resurrection Sunday reminds us of the Hell we have been saved from and the power of being resurrected with Christ. Let us not be afraid to look full in the face of death and Hell, for they have lost their sting for the believer!
Eric Ludy - April 13, 2014
How does a place like Ellerslie get started? Some dreams are realized rather quickly, and others take two decades to come to fruition! This message chronicles the story of the founding of Ellerslie and with humility and richness, captures the heart of what takes place in the training programs. Unlike other messages, “The History of Ellerslie” is given in the format of teaching as opposed to preaching in order to simply share the beauty of the testimony God has been building at Ellerslie. It is a refreshing reminder of the faithfulness of God and a celebration of what He has done here in the last four years.
Eric Ludy - April 6, 2014
Is your relationship with God an intimate love of the heart or an acknowledgment of the mind? Most of us long for intimacy with God while not know how to begin to cultivate it. This message explains the inner workings of intimacy, the vast treasure of a loving relationship with Christ, and how to access the depths of all of it. If we want to draw out the sweetest waters of salvation, we must be willing to put in the effort to gain them—so let us draw near today!
Nathan Johnson - March 30, 2014
"Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind." What would it look like to have an "out of this world" mindset? This message takes us to Ephesians and compares the futility of the world's pattern and the perfection of Gods' pattern for everyday living. The Christian does not walk after the pattern of the world instead consecrates his heart, mind, and life unto Christ. Then it is truly no longer he who lives, but Christ who lives in him.
Eric Ludy - March 23, 2014
In John's gospel, Jesus spoke to the Pharisees one day and declared that all Scripture testifies of Him. The fulfillment of prophecies assure us of the canonicity of the Old Testament, but what provides us confidence in the canonicity of the New Testament? This message delves into the book of Revelation and reveals the heavenly witness to the validity of the Word of God in the New Testament. What a privilege we have as believers to have so many reasons to believe the testimony of our Lord and His life on this earth!
Eric Ludy - March 16, 2014
Throughout Scripture we see that there is a pattern passed down through righteous men that they are expected to build and live according to. But what is the pattern, and does it have anything to do with us? This message is about becoming eyewitnesses of the pattern—the righteousness of Christ—and living in accordance with what we have seen. Let us be faithful to build our lives in light of the Example laid out before us!
Eric Ludy - March 9, 2014
Do you ever wonder what living by faith is supposed to look like practically? In our zeal to trust God in all things, we can sometimes assume it means never working a job or never going to the doctor because "God will come through." But does God ever use humble means to supply for His children, even if it doesn't look very supernatural? This message attempts to answer that question and lead us onward in a mature faith that depends on God's providence, no matter what form it takes.
Eric Ludy - March 2, 2014
Have you ever read Acts and felt like you needed more power in your spiritual life? But if we're honest, we're not quite sure we know what that would look like or if we'd be comfortable with it. This message presses us to cry out for more of the Spirit of God, while also reminding us of the process of growing up to be ready for walking in the full power of the Spirit. May we not be quick to ask for external evidences of power when we have not proven the power of God in our inner lives.
Eric Ludy - February 23, 2014
Have you ever noticed a laxness in your soul after gaining victory... a slowness to turn from sin and a tolerance of small compromises? It is in those moments that we are in desperate need for an “egkrateian” growl: a fierce determination to “let not sin therefore reign.” This message is about kicking out sin and keeping it out, giving no space for the flesh to take territory in our souls. Let us set our faces like flint and maintain a growl against anything that would keep us from Christ.
Eric Ludy - February 16, 2014
"Yes, Sir. Right away, Sir. Whatever you say, Sir." These are the words of a yes-man—the sort of man we typically deem weak and brainless. But is there a right way to be a yes-man? This message examines the principle of control and authority, shining light upon who really holds the voice of power in our souls. As Christians, are we submitted to the voice of God alone, saying, "Yes, Lord, whatever pleases You?” Or are we bowing to the voice of the world, shutting out the wisdom of our Shepherd's words?
Eric Ludy - February 9, 2014
Have you ever thought of the Old Servant as a character in the Bible? Because He is a behind-the-scenes kind of guy, many have paid Him little attention, but the Holy Spirit's work is evident throughout Scripture. His role focuses on revealing the Father and Jesus Christ instead of making Himself the focus. The modern Church frequently mishandles the Spirit of God, and this message attempts to give a clear and Biblical perspective on how we are to relate to Him.
Eric Ludy - February 2, 2014
How many of us have given thought to the fact that one day we will reign alongside of Christ? Most of us have no clue how to rule a nation! And yet in the book of Proverbs we have been given access to the wisdom of the King of all kings in order to govern our every affair with excellence. This message highlights the purpose and value of the proverbs and how we can begin right now to access and apply their wisdom to our lives. Let us train in the small matters that we may rule our domains as Christ rules His kingdom!
Eric Ludy - January 26, 2014
In the protestant reformation the men of God declared 'Five Solae' or "Only's" which the Church must stand upon. Indeed the Church in every generation needs to be often reminded what it is that we're standing for. We must stand for the solae of the gospel. Which is ultimately, standing for Jesus Christ alone.
Eric Ludy - January 19, 2014
If we were to imagine what a true man looks like, a ruddy shepherd boy would not be our first pick. That is, unless we understood what it truly meant to be a ruddy shepherd boy. After all, it was a ruddy shepherd boy who destroyed the giant, Goliath. This message is a call for authentic, faith- filled Christianity that is willing to be built in the way that God chooses, for He delights to use humble, faithful, and child-like men and women to accomplish His purposes.
Eric Ludy - January 12, 2014
Like its unusual title, this message packs a unique punch in the arena of appetite. Cultural trends encourage us to overindulge in the food we eat instead of enjoying it with self-control and gratitude. Like many sins, the real core of gluttony is an attitude of self-entitlement, demanding that we have what we want when we want it. Allow the Spirit of God to reveal the remnants of entitlement in your soul so that you can properly enjoy the pleasures God has given.
Eric Ludy - December 22, 2013
The idea of faith is at the cornerstone of Christianity. But the fact that God is unchanging and eternal is at the cornerstone of faith. Simply put, God is always the same. And whereas this may not seem like that big of a deal at first, it's a game-changer to the soul when you actually stop and begin to really ponder it.
Eric Ludy - December 15, 2013
For thousands of years, Jews have trembled to speak the name of God. Because of Christ, Christians have not only the privilege of speaking His name, but bearing His name as their own. Looking in depth at the meaning of Yahweh, this message unveils the power and beauty of the unspeakable name which has been given to us in Christ Jesus. May we walk in a manner worthy of this glorious name.
Eric Ludy - December 8, 2013
"...in the name of Jesus, amen!" Have you used the word "amen" at the end of a prayer, unsure of what you were actually saying? This short Biblical word is traditionally used as a declaration of an agreement in prayer, or as a period placed on the end of a prayer to indicate that it was finished. Although these are proper uses of the word, we see throughout the pages of Scripture that "Amen" is actually a name of God, and it means that He has performed, currently is performing, and always will preform what is promised. This message directs our eyes towards the cross to behold the the faithful, merciful, and saving God. Oh, Believer, what do you say in response to what God has done? Let us not be afraid to boldly declare "AMEN!".
Eric Ludy - December 1, 2013
This message focuses upon our tendency as humans to shift the blame on someone else when we are in the wrong. Wanting to escape the sting of conviction, we make rash accusations and attempt to clear our names of guilt. Therein lies the problem: there is no justification apart from Christ. "Lord, It Was the Woman!" takes us back to the heart of the Gospel and opens our eyes to the ways that we subtly discount the sufficiency of Christ's death.
Eric Ludy - November 24, 2013
We are running a heavenly race, and there is a crown to be won. But the way we run often suggests that the prize is not worth everything to us. No one promised that running the race would be easy. God desires to make us ready and fit to obtain the reward, and yet we are quick to justify pockets of "me time.” This message reminds us that we are not here to live for the satisfaction of our appetites but that, as soldiers, we must be sharp and self-controlled for the task before us. Let the Spirit of God search you through this message for any comfort or indulgence that would weigh you down while running the race with endurance.
Eric Ludy - November 17, 2013
"What is my calling? What is my unique role in the Body?" These are questions that we are frequently encouraged to consider, but they can easily tempt us to focus upon how we can be significant on our own. This sermon focuses upon how men were built with a desire to be significant and world-changing. However, God's pattern for making a man significant is not the world's way. God's way of making men world-changers is by taking them through the cross—through dying to make Christ significant.
Eric Ludy - November 10, 2013
Scripture says that Abraham was justified by faith, but it also says that he was justified by works. Have you ever struggled with understanding faith vs. works? This message takes on the challenge and exhorts us not to have one or the other, but to have a "faith that goes to work." True faith is not limp and passive, but it labors hard and exerts itself to believe God regardless of the evidence of the natural realm. Let us exert the faith we have to joyfully believe an eternally trustworthy God—He will not fail us!
Eric Ludy - November 3, 2013
Sheep are pathetically weak, dumb, and slow. It's not a label any of us would prefer for ourselves. But the longer we walk with Christ, the more we have to admit that it is a fitting description. Despite weakness, the saving grace of the sheep is the fact that they have a Shepherd who leads and cares for them. This message reminds us of the profound truth that our Shepherd is just as powerful to keep as He is to save. We do not need to fear moral failure because He has promised to complete the work He began.
Eric Ludy - October 27, 2013
"He did that which was right in the sight of the Lord ... but the high places were not taken away." This phrase is repeated throughout the Biblical history of Israel, but it also describes many of us. We are too content to worship the Lord with half of our hearts, putting some of our sacrifices on the altars of high places. God desires for us to destroy those high places and turn to His most high and holy place for salvation and security. Allow the Spirit to search your soul through this message and unite your heart to fear His name alone.
Eric Ludy - October 20, 2013
In this message, Eric Ludy describes the vision and goals for Ellerslie Training and establishes twelve principles that are needed in Christian leadership. Using King David’s youthful years of development as a muse, a clear picture emerges in and through this message for how God disciples a young life and grows them from a novice into a great leader.
Eric Ludy - October 13, 2013
What is truth? Pilate asked this question before Christ's crucifixion, and it is a question the world is still asking today. We as Christians have the answer but our relationship with truth usually remains merely intellectual. We should be asking the question, “Who is Truth?” This message forces us to examine whether we really love Christ as Truth or if we avoid the discomfort of the conviction He brings. Glad surrender to Truth is the only way we can offer the person of Truth to this world's questions rather than just factual answers.
Eric Ludy - October 6, 2013
Are there things that you are afraid to pray? We feel more comfortable praying for those things which seem reasonable for God to give. This message defies small praying and challenges us to make God-sized requests. We pray safe prayers because we do not really believe that God will answer big prayers. Let us no longer be afraid to pray with boldness and audacity, because God delights to answer. Even better, He promises to do abundantly more than our most audacious request!
Eric Ludy - September 29, 2013
Christ was the ultimate Revolutionary. Set aside your mental images from history textbooks and behold Christ as the Redeemer who overthrew the kingdom of darkness and ushered in the Kingdom of Heaven. His battle- cry was "Repent, for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand!" This message explores the promise of judgment in Scripture and takes a long look at Christ as the one who brings judgment upon darkness. Listen to this sermon with a soft heart, for it's a doozie!
Eric Ludy - September 22, 2013
Though we know that we have victory in Christ over principalities and powers, we find ourselves not walking in that mindset. We reason from a position of weakness, as opposed to one of strength. This message encourages us to walk in bold confidence, for Christ has indeed crushed the head of the serpent and defeated every last enemy!
Eric Ludy - September 15, 2013
Sometimes we just need to hear a message again. This sermon strikes the oft-needed note of the necessity of immovability in the life of a Christian. When the winds and rains are raging, wisdom tells us that we must take our refuge in the Rock. It is there—in Christ our Spiritual Rock—that we will be unshakable, impenetrable, and ultimately untouchable.
Eric Ludy - September 8, 2013
This message is about Jesus, the Bread of Life, who came to save all who partake of Him. The showbread in the tabernacle was much more than just bread; it was a foreshadow of the one born in Bethlehem (the House of Bread). Jesus came to show forth the Father, and in Him we behold the Great I AM. Come and see what the Showbread revealed!
Eric Ludy - September 1, 2013
This message is a study in the discipline of readiness—being fit to rise in strength, grit, and confidence to meet the adventures of life in Christ. As Christians, we must be prepared for whatever difficulties or foes we might encounter. We must be instant and immediate in our responses. However, our hearts are usually crowded with distraction and sluggishness, and we prove spiritual snails when spiritual sprinters are required. Are you ready?
Eric Ludy - August 25, 2013
Knowing and believing that Christ died for our sins and rose again is basic Christianity. But we so often glaze over the fact that the Cross was a mystery hidden for ages and generations, revealed to us only by His miraculous grace. Let us not lose our wonder, for our God is a revealer of mysteries, and we are exceedingly privileged to have eyes to see.
Eric Ludy - August 18, 2013
The command to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ is familiar to many of us, and yet we often struggle to practically implement it in the realm of purity. Let us freshly consecrate ourselves to walk in the way of holiness and allow no mixture in the temple of Christ, for the Man without mixture, Himself, Jesus Christ, now dwells within us as believers. We have been given the authority to stand strong against the pull of temptation of impurity.
Eric Ludy - August 11, 2013
In a modern Christian culture whose motto is to just love each other and never judge, we as Christians have rejected the idea that judgment is ever appropriate or loving. But we also have an unbelievable knack for criticizing and fault-finding. The Bible makes it clear that judgment (decision-making tested by the Word of God), if done from a spirit of love and humility and with proper jurisdiction, is healthy and actually necessary to the functioning of a society, church, home, business, or personal life. So we as the Church must learn how to humbly sit in our "summer spot" and mind our own business as well as properly, Biblically, and lovingly judge when it is our responsibility.
Eric Ludy - August 4, 2013
This message addresses the topic of self-control from a very unique angle. So many of us try our best to behave as Christians, but the behavior of Christianity is not something that is possible through mere human will- power and determination. Christian behavior is a supernatural byproduct of the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross. As the Church, we are called to showcase Jesus Christ, but we must understand the Gospel, and walk in it's power, in order to actually do this.
Nathan Johnson - July 14, 2013
Too often by the way we think and live we assume God is far smaller and less powerful than He truly is. In this sermon from Ephesians 3:20-21 the greatness, power, and majesty of God is declared and lifted high as we realize that God is more than able to go beyond and over and above all that we can ever ask or think. When we live within this reality, God alone receives the glory. May you see and experience the greatness of God and His power in your life.
Eric Ludy - July 7, 2013
Oftentimes we act boldly in times of ease and become cowards in time of crisis. But God is in the business of building us strong for the most difficult hour and to exude the most magnificent attributes of Jesus Christ amidst the darkest trials. This message is a rousing one, delineating how a Christian can calmly and nobly maintain their position throughout the most trying times and challenging difficulties.
Eric Ludy - June 30, 2013
This message contains the spiritual tool that transforms marriages, changes families, and restores health unto broken church bodies. It is a spiritual truth that seems to have fallen by the wayside in our modern generation, and it is high time we got it back.
Eric Ludy - June 16, 2013
It’s difficult to navigate the modern minefields of doctrinal dispute. It would seem that there are a thousand opinions on every point and few that ever actually agree on these doctrinal points within the Church. However, this doctrinal contention and chaos is not the work of the Spirit of God, but the work of the author of confusion himself, Satan. The Devil is always laboring to beguile the saints of God and woo them away from the simplicity that is in Christ. And when the Church walks in this Spirit-simplicity, with the humility and faith of a little child, all its countless debates are solved in the person and work of Jesus Christ. This is a message you will not want to miss!
Eric Ludy - June 9, 2013
Is it true that God is all we really need? In modern American Christianity it would seem that Jesus is lumped in amongst a host of other gods that we turn to for health, strength, peace, comfort, security, and pleasure. What would it look like if the Church of Jesus Christ left everything to follow Jesus?
Eric Ludy - June 2, 2013
This is a deeply impacting message on the sensitive theme of "the weaker vessel." It's always been God's pattern to choose the "weaker" through which to reveal His great strength. NOTE: This message was edited differently than all the previous. As part of our annual Set-Apart Girl simulcast, this one was filmed, edited, and finalized on the fly. So please forgive the few editing foibles.
Eric Ludy - May 19, 2013
Believing is important business in the kingdom of Heaven. In a sense, you could call it "the work of the kingdom." Most Christians are paranoid of the concept of work even being associated with the idea of faith. But the kind of work which we as Christians are supposed to be antagonistic towards is termed in Scripture as "the work of the flesh." The work of faith is an altogether different operation. And it is this heavenly work of faith that saves.
- May 12, 2013
There is an all out assault on masculinity in our generation, and to be a true man is to carry with it a kind of "social death penalty." It isn't hip, cool, or politically correct to be a man of grit, strength, boldness, truth, integrity or humility. Gentlemen are in short supply. As a result, when the King of kings calls forth for men to rise up in the hour of adversity to rescue the weak and perishing, men are no where to be found. We at Ellerslie may not be the finished product, but the men of Ellerslie rise up together in this message to preach together the Gospel that gets a man off the couch and into the fray! This is a most unique message, and yet the pith of it is the stuff that gives a man the holy nerve to fight unto death for the Glory of King Jesus!
Eric Ludy - April 28, 2013
You thought genealogies were boring? Well, not after this message, you won’t! Throughout world history, the Hebrews have stood unmatched in their maintenance of genealogies, lineage, and descent. God promised them that from their bloodline would come One who would rescue the world from sin. This "Deliverer" would be of the seed of the woman, born of a virgin, born in Bethlehem, and would be from of everlasting. Well, this "Deliverer" has come. And just as promised, He was born of a virgin girl in Bethlehem, and He was no mere man. He was God born in the body of a man. Buckle your seat belt for this one!
- April 21, 2013
Many Christians zealously begin a plan to read through the Bible, and they do just fine until they get into Leviticus. It all seems so tedious and repetitive, and though none would admit it, irrelevant. Thus, we skip to the "good stuff!" But, what if we were to gaze beyond all the shadows, symbols and sacrifices, and behold the glory of Christ which is being proclaimed in and through the Law of Moses? It is all too easy to make our Christianity a series of outward routines. But is that what God is after? Have we ever paused to consider what God desires? For if we did, we would see that He desires Truth in our Inward Parts.
Eric Ludy - April 14, 2013
As it says in Scripture, it was by one man's disobedience (Adam) that sin entered into the world, and death by sin, and that thusly death passed upon us all. But that is not the end of the story. For it was by one man—the last Adam, Jesus—that the gift of grace has abounded to many, and many shall be made righteous... and live! To behold the love, beauty, power, and majesty of this “last Adam” is to witness the heart of God for each one of us.
Eric Ludy - April 7, 2013
This message is a study in the sway of public persuasion. It is uncanny how the opinions of others can weigh so heavily upon our decisions in this life. Most of us would consider it Heaven to be free for just one day from the pressures of what others think. But the Gospel promises to do better than that. If we receive the liberating power of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection into our lives, it will free us from the tyranny of public approval... forever.
Eric Ludy - March 31, 2013
This is a study in the inextinguishable, unstoppable power of life. If you put death against life, life wins. Satan may have had the power of death, but Jesus arrived 2,000 years ago toting the power of an endless life. The showdown at Calvary proved to all the watching world that the agenda of everlasting life will not be stopped. Oh death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy victory?
Eric Ludy - March 24, 2013
If you are familiar with the Ellerslie Short Film entitled “The Gospel,” then you will be duly prepped for this message, which is the full-blown sermon edition (thunder and all). At Ellerslie we are not ashamed of the Gospel, for it is the power of God unto salvation! Praise God for such a message of resounding victory, redemption, and grace!
Nathan Johnson - March 17, 2013
Paul prays we would comprehend and embrace the very thing which is impossible to fully understand: the love of God. The focus is not knowing facts and information about the love of God but to actually know His love in relationship and intimacy. Could the love of God envelop us to the point that what defines us as Christians is His love, His presence and flow in our lives? May you be encouraged and edified to be rooted and grounded in love as you join NRJohnson in this exposition of Ephesians 3.14-19.
Eric Ludy - March 10, 2013
This is a powerful enunciation of one of the most abused and twisted doctrines of our day: the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not a force, a mere influence, a convicting vibe—He is a Person. To be even more specific, He is God. He is the Almighty, the All-Powerful, Tri-Holy God come to dwell within us and live His almightiness through us.
Eric Ludy - March 3, 2013
As Christians, may we not deal in the cheapened love of mere emotion and relational fancy. May we not diminish the heavenly love of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit by intermingling the world's self-entreating love with Heaven's self-expending love. May we shun the cheap imitation and only handle the sacred river of pure love which flows clear as crystal from beneath the throne of grace unto the saints of God and through the saints of God out onto this love-parched world. This message gives a fresh vision of the Cross and the love that sent our precious Jesus there and held Him there with cords of compassion until all was accomplished.
Eric Ludy - February 24, 2013
Unfortunately, the concept of confession has become a negative concept for many in the modern church. But Spirit-orchestrated confession is an essential instrument in the toolbox of a mighty Christian. Without it the soul grows tepid and weak and strays from the sure footing of the Scriptures. But the soul that is grounded in a healthy and powerful understanding of confession is certain to thrive.
Eric Ludy - February 17, 2013
Many Christians today struggle with the idea of knowing for certain that they indeed are saved by Jesus Christ. And yet, assurance is a gift of grace that each and every believer can know and enjoy. This message tackles this challenging issue head-on and is certain to leave you strong in your personal confidence of the great saving work of the Cross.
Eric Ludy - February 10, 2013
It's not just the giver, but the "cheerful" giver that God loves. However, most Christians are anything but cheerful when it comes to parting with their time, energy, and hard-earned resources. The Biblical pattern for joyful, eager, ready giving is desperately overdue to make a comeback in the Church.
Eric Ludy - February 3, 2013
A trial of faith proves if a man's faith is genuine or not. For faith is not faith unless it is thoroughly tested. However, most of us would like a test of faith like we would like punch in the nose. We shrink from such tests and wish to avoid them at all costs. But such tests are what build mighty men and women of God who change the course of history. So, the mature Christian learns to shout, "Bring on the trials!"
Eric Ludy - January 27, 2013
Most of us know that flattery is not healthy, but many of us do not realize how truly dangerous it can be. Flattery has the power to undermine a nation. It's the technique of history's most infamous conspirators and saboteurs, starting with the devil himself. The story of Absalom is far more than a Bible story. If we examine its message closely, it can help us preserve the integrity and health of the Church of Jesus Christ as well as the integrity and health of our individual souls.
- January 20, 2013
Are you tired of living a mediocre Christianity? Are you grieved by the injustices of our day? Are you sick of the idolatry in your life? Are you done with being cold and indifferent spiritually? Do you desire a Christianity that works? Do you long for life on par with the "greats" of Christian history? If you answered yes to any of the above, this message is for you. It is like the cure for spiritual mediocrity and apathy. It is a good strong dose of Gospel medicine. And it is a retreading of the Ancient Paths, discovering afresh and anew the stuff old!
Dan McConnaughey - January 13, 2013
Most of us would agree that our level of Spiritual Fitness is somewhat lacking. It's true that God has given us all things that pertain to life and godliness, but do we bear any responsibility for what we do with what we've been given? Consider the muscles of our bodies, for example. Though they are indeed a God-given component of our physical bodies, yet we have the responsibility to care for them in such a way as to promote their optimal health, fitness, and strength so that they will not prove to be weak and ill prepared in any time of need. If Scripture says that bodily exercise profiteth little and it is as important as it is, how much more should we engage ourselves in the pursuit of Spiritual Fitness. This sermon will encourage you in the pursuit of spiritual excellence in every area of life so that you may be spiritually ready for anything, at any time, in any combination.
Eric Ludy - December 30, 2012
This message serves as a surprisingly refreshing picture of the bold beauty of God's law. Law cannot save us, but it can acquaint us with our need to be saved. The Bible declares that the law is a schoolmaster that leads us to Christ. When the law is preached properly, the Cross is magnified and the work of Jesus is cherished.