Meet the Ellerslie Staff


Eric Ludy

President, Ellerslie | Senior Pastor, Church at Ellerslie

Eric Ludy has been laboring in front-lines Christian leadership for more than two decades. His current ministry role is multi-faceted. He serves as the President of Ellerslie Mission Society, the senior pastor of the Church at Ellerslie, and the lead instructor at Ellerslie Discipleship Training.

Eric is the bestselling author of twenty six books and is a highly respected voice in Christianity on issues such as prayer, faith, godly masculinity, Christian relationships, and Christ-centered rescue work.



Leslie Ludy

Director, Set Apart Girl Ministries | Adjunct Instructor, Ellerslie Training Programs

Leslie Ludy is a bestselling author and speaker with a passion for pointing women to Christ. She is the director of Set Apart Girl ® and Set Apart Motherhood, which equip women around the world in Christ-centered femininity. Her annual Set Apart conference reaches over 10,000 women each year who either attend in person or via simulcast around the world. Leslie is also the founder and director of Set Apart Girl ® Magazine, a bi-montly resource that equips women in Christ-centered femininity.



Nathan Johnson

Director of Communications, Ellerslie | Instructor, Ellerslie Training Programs

Nathan Johnson serves as the Director of Communications for Ellerslie Mission Society and is an instructor within the Ellerslie Training programs. He has a driving passion for the deeper Christian life and finds great joy in sharing about Jesus and the victorious reality of the Gospel.

Nathan received his Masters of Divinity in 2008 and has been in full-time Christian ministry for nearly fifteen years. He has spent many years “in the trenches” of inner city work, ministering to the homeless, the elderly, and underprivileged children. Nathan has a passion for Biblical training and discipleship, and has been a guest speaker at many churches, youth retreats, and Christian conferences around the country over the past decade. He has taught college-level classes on various books of the Bible, Biblical concepts and themes, and how to study the Bible. Nathan has a love for missions, and has directed several mission teams on many outreaches across the country as part of his pastoral ministry. In addition, he has served as a mentor to many young men in the areas of godly masculinity, purity, Biblical truth, victory and freedom over sin, and daily Christian living.


Dan McConnaughey

Program Director, Ellerslie Practicum | Pastor of Biblical Studies, Church at Ellerslie

Pastor McConnaughey has been teaching and discipling Christians for over forty years, and has extensive experience in military training as well. His widely diversified background in both ministry and military roles make him uniquely qualified to train and equip Ellerslie’s up-and-coming leaders and missionaries for effective front-lines service on the field.

Pastor McConnaughey has served a wide variety of ministry positions, including five years as a youth pastor, ten years as a church planter and Bible teacher, and a speaker at churches and missions events. He has served with the Navigators, the Truth Project, and completed Prison Fellowship’s Centurion Program in 2007.

Pastor McConnaughey has a strong sense of the importance of world missions, and has been training missionaries for the past ten years. He is also passionate about Biblical study and exegesis. As part of the Ellerslie training programs, Pastor McConnaughey teaches classes on doctrinal canon testing, Biblical hermeneutics, and Christian apologetics. He also trains students practically for front-lines missions work in skills such as health and fitness, auto-mechanics, and first aid/medical training.

Pastor McConnaughey has been happily married to his wife Sandi for over forty years. They have five grown children, one newly adopted daughter from Haiti, and twenty grandchildren. He summarizes his ministry direction and life calling in the following words: “My heart has always been for discipleship—not for discipleship sake, but that my Lord Jesus might have many worshippers. So when I come before Him on That Day, bruised, beaten, but victorious, O Lord, let me have with me a contingent of the rescued, victorious worshippers of God—disciples. That He might receive the reward of His suffering, and we might be sharers in the suffering of The King. ‘I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in Truth’ (3 John 1:4).”

Sandi McConnaughey

Director of Women’s Ministry, Ellerslie Training Programs | Executive Assistant to the President, Ellerslie

Sandi McConnaughey has served in a wide variety of ministry positions for more than forty years—leading women’s Bible studies, counseling and starting a Bible study in a crisis pregnancy center, doing youth ministry along with her husband Dan, and working in many other mentoring and discipleship positions. Mrs. McConnaughey also spent several years working as a registered nurse, as well as serving in hospital ministry as a counselor.

For the past six years, Mrs. McConnaughey has served as the Director of Women’s Ministry at Ellerslie Training. She teaches courses on evangelism, provides spiritual leadership to Ellerslie’s female students, and serves alongside Eric Ludy as his executive assistant.

Mrs. McConnaughey has been happily married to her husband Dan for over forty years. They have five grown children, one newly adopted daughter from Haiti, and twenty grandchildren.

Philip Hartman

Program Director, Ellerslie Discipleship Training

Philip Hartman has been a part of the team at Ellerslie since 2011. Philip is deeply passionate about prayer, discipleship, and the advancement of the Kingdom of God through the proclamation of the Gospel. He has a strong call for international missions, has spent considerable time in evangelism, and has poured his life into mentoring and pointing young men toward Jesus Christ. Philip currently serves as the director of Ellerslie's discipleship training program.

Grace McConnaughey

Administrative Support, Ellerslie | Manager, Coffee House 29

Grace McConnaughey has served on staff with Ellerslie Training since 2010 in a wide variety of ministry roles, including conference coordinating, event planning, campus hospitality, student life and relations, dorm monitoring, as well as playing a key role in helping to cultivate strong relationships and effective communication between Ellerslie leadership and students. As well as continuing to strongly support the many administrative activities of Ellerslie’s daily campus life, Grace has recently launched Ellerslie’s Coffee House 29. This adventure includes overseeing the development, purchasing, employee training and scheduling, and everything related to being the Manager of Coffee House 29.


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