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We have officially made the jump from a 9 week long training to an even more robust 12 weeks of discipleship. We are also excited to announce that we are purposely shrinking our class sizes in half in order to provide more personalized discipleship to our students. And if that is not enough, we are tacking on an additional 8 weeks of follow-up training at the conclusion after our students return home.

Read about it below:


It's sad to say goodbye! ... but ...

After sixteen amazing semesters of training, we have decided to change and expand our program. For the past five years our nine-week model of discipleship has had tremendous success. With such an effective program, it might seem strange that we are altering our model, but this is because we believe it can be even stronger and more life-changing moving forward.

Here’s to five years of heavenly beauty and to the hope of even greater strength to come through our new 12 week program


Hello Twelve Weeks! This new training program is bigger and bolder in its content and approach to discipleship, but we have made it purposely smaller in its student body size. This dual combination of greater torque and less weight is sure to equal greater overall power to our program.

We are also excited to debut our new add-on feature to this training model: The eight week follow-up training. So, even after our students have left Windsor and head home, they still are being spiritually coached and helped through the oft-awkward transitions into the next season of their lives.



Weeklong Training ...

Don’t have 12 weeks that you can spare? Don’t worry! We’ve got a one-week training that is built for the working Christian and/or the family that wants to go through this together.

We have a weeklong training in the Fall of 2015 and another one in the Summer of 2016 - both unique from each other and both designed to deeply impact the Christian life with an irresistible picture of Jesus Christ. So, take it one week at a time if you so choose.



Many of you know that we have been laboring behind the scenes to launch an even bigger cupful of training here at Ellerslie. That is currently in the works. But, for now, all we can say is “Ellerslie the ‘extra large’ edition, is still in beta testing.” We will keep you informed as to the findings. But, if we were to give you a hint—it’s pretty exciting stuff.