About Ellerslie


We are a campus that exists for
the glory of God and the strengthening of believers.

On these beautiful grounds lives are centered around the
Word of God, prayer, and the person of Jesus Christ.

We have a passion to refresh, strengthen, and equip hungry souls,
and then send them out with the Gospel power of Christ.

We are all about Jesus, and Jesus in you!

about the campus


The two best words to describe the Ellerslie Campus are quaint and lovely.

It’s truly a picturesque spot in Windsor, Colorado, perfectly suited to the pursuit of the Creator. People often arrive on the campus and remark that there is something different here — it’s so peaceful, so pleasant — with comments offered often akin to, “I can think more clearly here,” or “I feel like it is easier to pray here.” This campus is special — protected and preserved for the singular purpose of knowing better the person of Jesus Christ.

This is a place where strong Christians are built. Thousands of Christians today point back to a time spent on the Ellerslie Campus as the catalyst of change they needed in their own personal life with Christ.

Over the years the the Ellerslie team has labored to hone and refine their training to make it as effective as possible, and to make it as accessible to the largest number of people possible. Currently, Ellerslie Discipleship Training is available in a diversity of formats—everything from a single day to an entire season of in-depth Scriptural training.

Over the last decade, the Ellerslie leadership has labored to craft the most efficient and streamlined form of basic discipleship possible. And our 5-week discipleship training format has proven dramatically effective and life-changing.

about the campus

The Ellerslie Campus

The Ellerslie Campus is a peaceful, set apart setting with a beautiful view of the Rocky Mountains. The buildings are situated next to a sparkling lake, offering daily glimpses of the magnificent Colorado sunsets. Many of our rooms have views of the mountains, and there is a quiet stillness over the entire campus — refreshingly separated from the hustle and bustle of city life, but with nearly every “big city convenience” a short two-to-ten minute drive away.

The campus is located in Windsor, Colorado, a charming city of 15,000 people, nestled within the “Front Range Corridor,” which runs along I-25 at the eastern base of the Rocky Mountains. One of the crowning features of this quiet bedroom community is the bicycle trail that winds through town, around Windsor Lake, along the Poudre River, and then on to Greeley and Fort Collins.

Loveland and Fort Collins are each 10 minutes away and are larger cities with modern shopping, hospitals, and city-life. Denver is a 45-minute drive away, and our closest airport is Denver International — about one hour away from the Ellerslie campus.

The Colorado Experience

The Ellerslie Campus is a one-hour drive from many of Colorado’s most popular locations, such as Rocky Mountain National Park. This world-renowned natural wonderland is frequented by tourists from around the world and its terrain varies from majestic mountain peaks (over 60 of which are at least 12,000 feet), forests, and mountain tundra. The National Park, which is spread across 265,000 acres, offers 359 miles of trails, 150 lakes, and 450 miles of streams. Highway 34 runs from I-25 (two exits south of the Windsor exit) through Estes Park and on through the park. It’s a great place to visit during your stay at Ellerslie, as are the many other mountain towns within driving distance, such as Keystone, Winter Park, and Copper Mountain. If you attend Ellerslie during the winter, some of the best skiing in the world is a two-hour drive away.

The Weather

Colorado boasts 300 days of sunshine a year, with a pleasant climate during all seasons. Summers are warm and dry — the average temperature is in the eighties and only occasionally rises above ninety. Spring and fall in Colorado usually boast near-perfect weather and plenty of sunshine, though early spring can bring a fair amount of wind. Winters are mild to moderate, with temperatures ranging from the low thirties to mid fifties. It’s unusual for winter temperatures to drop into the single-digits, but it’s always possible! Some winters bring a significant amount of snow, but with the constant sunshine it usually melts within two to four days, and we have many winter days that are pleasantly sunny and crisp, rather than bitterly cold. All around, Colorado weather is among the best four-season climates anywhere. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

The Ellerslie Backstory

Back in 1993 a vision was laid out on paper for a “return of the ancient growl.” A young twenty-two year old named Eric Ludy was agonizing over his own powerlessness to live out the high calling of the Christian life. Through many tears, and many months of staring squarely at the Scriptures and contrasting it with his own life, and discovering the enabling grace that can only found in a surrendered relationship with Jesus Christ, Eric Ludy took up pen and expressed on paper the deep burden that was sitting upon his soul. And it was in this “essay” that he articulated the formation of a band of believers that would be built by the Holy Spirit of God to take the grand and timeless message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations with bravehearted moxie.

This essay was simply known to him as "Men of Honor." And after seventeen years of intensive prayer to see this vision formed, Eric Ludy saw the first stage of fulfillment unfurl in the launch of Ellerslie Discipleship Training in 2009, with the first students arriving May of 2010 for the first Ellerslie semester.

The interest for this training was immense — drawing passionate, serious-minded Christians from around the globe to Windsor, Colorado. This unique magnetic pull upon these fervent saints created a rallying point for like-minded men and women around the world — men and women that all fervently asked God for the return of strength and majesty to the Church of Jesus Christ.

Eric and Leslie Ludy still lead the work of Ellerslie Discipleship Training and are surrounded by an almost identical team to the one that they started out with back in 2009. Ellerslie’s staff is beloved for its deep spiritual maturity, its deep practical love for the Body of Christ, and its deep passion to see Christ remain preeminent in every teaching and every discussion.

Eric and Leslie Ludy

Eric and Leslie Ludy are the founders of Ellerslie Mission Society, Bravehearted Christian and its family of ministries including Set Apart Girl and Set Apart Motherhood. Bestselling authors and speakers who have published twenty-seven books, Eric and Leslie have shared their message around the country, overseas, and on virtually every conceivable Christian media platform for the last twenty-five years. As a strong voice in the Church today, the Ludys’ poignant books and powerful messages present a clarion call to a return to triumphant, Bible-centered, Christ-empowered Christianity. 

Statement of Belief

We take a strong stance on the authoritative, inspired, and infallible Word of God and the preeminence of Jesus Christ in all things. Learn more about our statement of faith and answers to key questions about Ellerslie’s beliefs.

about the campus