Advanced Training


Cultivate devotional excellence

for Alumni who have a passion to take the training even deeper

Advanced Training for Alumni

  • Spend 5 life-changing weeks at the Ellerslie Campus in Colorado!
  • Gain a fresh spiritual fire in your pursuit of Jesus Christ
  • Grow deeper in your understanding of Scripture and Gospel-Centered living
  • Be trained for real-world Christian living
  • Don’t just learn but practice the devotional arts of intimacy with Christ
The Curriculum


The 5 weeks of Advanced Training are uniquely designed to cultivate practical strength in the daily life of the believer. Our in-depth study points are focused on the “living out” of strong Christianity as a priority. This training picks up right where the Classic Training leaves off, and then dives deeper into the practical tools of Christian devotion. How is intimacy with God cultivated, fostered, strengthened, and maintained today, tomorrow, next season, next year, and throughout a lifetime? The Advanced Training equips the hungry disciple with deeply practical understanding of the life that works, thrives, and changes others around it.

Overview of Curriculum

Week One: Understanding the Arts of Intimacy

In this first week of the training, we will be digging into the nuts and bolts of practical intimacy. Like earthly marriage, a believer's relationship with God needs to be cultivated and fostered to grow strong. In this week we will unpack what the Bible teaches about the intimate walk with Christ, of living in His presence, of prayer, study, communion, Scriptural meditation, worship, praise, and thanksgiving and how these essential functions of the Christian’s life are meant to work themselves out in an ever-increasing fashion.

Week Two: The Art of Rightly Handling the Bible

In week two we will explore the magnificent architecture of the Scriptures and supply the age-old tools for rightly dividing it and rightly handling it, and not just for doctrinal correctness, but for intimate connectedness with the Living God. The Bible is like a map to buried treasure. When we learn to heed it and trust it implicitly, it leads us to the treasury of His very Presence.

Week Three: The Art of Biblical Prayer and Spiritual Revival

In week three we will delve into the theme of prayer in a deep and intimate manner — discussing not just the mechanics of it, the why’s, and the how’s, but the power of persevering, intentional, fervent praying upon the history of men and nations. Prayer is both a means by which the believer fosters deeper intimacy with the Lord, but also functions as a flow through channel of blessing to this world.

Week Four: the Art of Biblical Communication

In week four we will explore the significant theme of communications. God built us as delivery vehicles — we are entrusted with a treasure and then told to pass that treasure along. For many in the current generation, godly communications has become a lost art — and the winsome luster of Heaven is no longer seen in and through the Church of Jesus Christ as it has been witnessed in times past. It is our desire in this week to inspire in you the lifelong pursuit of growing up into a masterful communicator that showcases the power, love, and authority of Christ Jesus.

Week Five: the Art of Spiritual Longevity

In week five, we dig into the theme of going the distance in the faith. Too many Christians nowadays fade down the stretch. Life becomes difficult and their once vibrant faith grows dim. However, God designed the Christian man and woman to endure through winds and rains — to persevere no matter the difficulty and no matter the trial. This is the week that we will unpack the tools necessary for the Christian to traverse this sin-riddled earth without growing weary in their well-doing.


Each day at Ellerslie is unique, but here is a taste of what an average day looks like.

Most days include various work duties (for on-campus students), personal study time, and evening activities designed to strengthen your walk with the Lord. Weekends typically have a mixture of special activities, spiritual training, personal study, free time, and student life events.

Note: This schedule is subject to change.

7:00am Breakfast
8:15am Daily Thunder
9:30am Morning Session
11:30am Stillness / Personal Study
12:00pm Lunch
1:00pm Afternoon Session (Tuesdays + Thursdays)
3:00pm Personal Study, Rest, Free Time
5:30pm Dinner
7:00pm Evening Training, Personal Study, or Activity
Details, Dates and Cost