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We often miss the significance of this seemingly simple Name of God, Adonai. In this special series, Dan McConnaughey discusses the importance of this Name and how we are to respond to God as Adonai – not merely as Savior but as our Lord and Master. We are slaves of Christ and must live accordingly, recognizing that God will provide what we need. listen
This is the twelfth and final installment in Eric’s series entitled The Muscular Christian. In this episode he touches on the importance of laughter in the life of the Christian. God is a God of laughter, joy, and cheer and throughout the ages, the men and woman that He has conformed to His image, are likewise full of this same soul buoyancy. Prepare for a bit of laughter as you listen to the final message in this fun and powerful series. listen
In this study, Nathan Johnson examines the life of Mary of Bethany and parallels her life to that of a Christian – someone found at the feet of Jesus, willing to be poured forth in extravagant love and sacrifice. If you want a great illustration of faith, the life of a believer, and audacious love and sacrifice, this message will both edify and encourage you ever more unto Jesus Christ. listen
This is the eleventh installment in Eric’s series entitled The Muscular Christian. In this episode he features the grand sparkle of the quality of audacity and displays it as one of the primary ingredients in the recipe for mighty living in the Kingdom of God. Eric does this by surveying the most amazing “audacious” moments throughout Biblical history. This is a message that is sure to infuse a bit of gusto into your spiritual giddy-up. listen
Scholars argue whether the phrase "in love" goes with the statement made in Ephesians 1:4 ("you were chosen before the foundation of the world to be holy and blameless before Him IN LOVE") or whether it refers to God's position in predestining us unto adoption in Ephesians 1:5. In this expositional study in Ephesians, Nathan Johnson discusses this dilemma and gives his conclusion … and in so doing discusses what it means for God to always act from a nature of love and calls us to do the same. listen
This is the 10th installment in Eric’s series entitled The Muscular Christian. In this oft-funny episode, Eric very particularly tackles the issue of handling sleep. There are certain defining areas of life and sleep is one of them. When a man is controlled by his craving for sleep, his walk with God suffers. But when he allows God to bring control and discipline to his sleep, it transcends into every area of his life - bringing vitality and strength. listen
PODCAST | July 14, 2019
74: Continuing to Whistle (Eric Ludy)
Singing and whistling are often a show contentment and a buoyant spirit. And this is why a Christian should continue to whistle even when life’s circumstances sour - because in the midst of such trials God never leaves and never forsakes. In this message, Eric examines the story of Elijah in the book of 1st Kings and powerfully demonstrates how Elijah “continued to whistle” in and amongst some of the most trying situations in Scripture. listen
El Elyon (The Most High God) reveals the power, majesty, and greatness of our God. In this special series on the Names of God, Elijah Robertson investigates this rich and powerful Name and discusses how understanding God as the Most High gives us a greater love, adoration, and desire to worship Him. listen
This is the ninth installment in Eric’s series entitled The Muscular Christian. In this episode he addresses the mystifying fact that we, the Body of Christ, have been selected by God to be the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Utilizing the magnificent and even Narnia-esque picture of this truth as revealed in the Old Testament in the book of Ezekiel, Eric brings to life the profound idea that God has chosen to make us His chariots of fire. He has chosen us to carry the Glory of the Almighty! listen
El Olam (The Everlasting God) shows up in only one place in Scripture, but its depth and ramifications on Who God is and how we should live as Christians is profound. In this special edition series on the Names of God, Joseph Mockler explores the depth of the Name "El Olam" and in so doing, showcases the greatness, grandeur, and glory of Jesus Christ. listen