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PODCAST | September 20, 2019
137: The Lord of the Vacuum (Eric Ludy)
We are in the middle of an ancient battle. In this special edition message, Eric Ludy discusses the "trash can" principle and how though God has authority over the "trash can" – it contains that which is opposite His nature and is under satan's influence and power. This message reminds us that satan's power is limited and Christ has already won the victory. listen
There is a great mystery, hidden from ages and generations, and God has given us the wisdom and insight in order for us to understand and comprehend it. In this expositional study of Ephesians 1:9, Nathan Johnson gives an overview of how Paul talks about the "mystery" in Scripture and then gives clarity as to what it is and how knowing and living in the reality of this mystery will change our lives – for this mystery is "from Him, and through Him, and to Him" for His praise, honor, and glory! listen
This is the third installment in Eric’s series entitled The Practice of Prayer. In this episode Eric talks about the six things that hinder prayer but reminds believers that Matthew 21:22 declares that "whatsoever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive." listen
This is the second installment in Eric’s series entitled The Practice of Prayer. In this episode he enunciates the powerful and mysterious pattern that God has set forth for carrying His prayer burdens and bringing them to His feet. listen
This is the first installment in Eric’s series entitled The Practice of Prayer. In this episode he lays the foundation stones in place for both understanding and activating the power of prayer.   listen
PODCAST | September 15, 2019
132: Embracing Your Cross (Eric Ludy)
This is a special message given to kick off the fall training season at Ellerslie. It was also the first time we utilized the newly renovated Studio29 building for a Daily Thunder. This is just an all-around special message. listen
This is the twentieth and final installment of Eric’s series entitled Life Lessons. This episode finishes with a bang, supplying an appropriate finish to this pithy and profound series. The call Eric issues is for us to “remember well” what God has done. listen
The King is returning! And today could be the day! What a marvelous meditation every Christian should live each day with. In this episode of the Saga of Scripture (Bible Survey) series, Nathan Johnson talks about the imminent return of Jesus and how we should in light of that reality. listen
This is the nineteenth installment in Eric’s series entitled Life Lessons. In this episode, he talks about the importance of applying truth personally into each of our lives (and not merely see it as good information to esteem but not live out). listen
God has abundantly poured forth His grace in all wisdom and insight, says Paul in Ephesians 1:8. But what are wisdom and insight and how do we practically apply both in our lives? In this expositional study in Ephesians, Nathan Johnson examines this phrase "wisdom and insight" and discusses how essential it is to live from God's perspective and heart every moment of every day. listen